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Corporate Agreement / Business Contract Lawyers In Calgary & Edmonton

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Corporate Agreement / Business Contract Lawyers

Using corporate agreements / Business contracts in business is key. Every business has assets. Some of the business assets are tangible. You can see and touch them. These include its key employees, its business premises (leased or owned), its employees and its inventory and equipment. Other business assets are not tangible. These include its good will, intellectual property (such as trademarks and client databases), websites, and names. The problem with business assets is if they are not protects, they can be lost. Protect your business with Kahane Law Office in both Calgary, Alberta (403-225-8810 Edmonton, Alberta (780-571-8463).

Types of Business Contracts Kahane Law Drafts

The Corporate agreement lawyers at Kahane Law Office know corporate law. They work with you to determine exactly which agreements your company needs. We also let you know how to avoid needing other agreements. Due to the number of contracts used in corporate law, clients often start with a consultation to review the specific situation. In terms of agreements, we draft several. For example, these include:

Protect Your Assets: Have Legal Corporate Agreements Drafted

Some clients opt for “do it yourself” kits. Several issues routinely arise from the use of these kits. The most basis issues is when clients buy the kits, but then never complete them. If they complete them other issues come up often. For example, clients often fail to seek legal and accounting advice and the kits lack the protection the client wants. In other situations, the client buys a kit intended for use in another jurisdiction or an outdated kit made before changes to the laws in Alberta. Corporate agreement lawyers draft your agreements in a way that works for your specific company.

Can You Afford To Hire A Lawyer; Can You Afford Not To Hire A Lawyer

Anyone who has dealt with the consequences of not having a properly drafted corporate agreement will attest to the fact that the cost of not hiring a lawyer can far exceed the cost of hiring one. Even if you are forced to go to court to enforce you rights, your chances of success are much greater with a well drafted business contract. Client drafted corporate agreements not only do not protect their business but can sometimes create so much uncertainty that only a court can determine an outcome. In the context of the CRA, an employment contract vs. a independent contractor agreement can depend on a properly drafted contract.

Understand Your Contractual Rights

The business contract lawyers at Kahane Law Office not only draft an agreement that protects your business but explains it to you. Consequently, you better understand how to better run your business from a legal standpoint. Understanding the things to do and the things to avoid helps to protect your business in a proactive way. We inform clients of both legal decisions but also when a decision is based on a business rational and not a legal one. These distinctions are a key element in running any business venture.

Corporate Agreement / Business Contract Lawyers In Calgary & Edmonton

The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office help with your business contract and commercial corporate agreement legal needs. CONNECT NOW. We help from either our Calgary or Edmonton offices. Reach our Calgary location by calling 403-225-8810, or reach our Edmonton location by calling (780) 571-8463. Lastly, call us from anywhere in Alberta toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 In addition, email us directly for faster service by email us here.