Lawyers, Notaries and Attorneys Providing Legal Services In Calgary

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Lawyers Notaries and Attorneys Providing Legal Services In Calgary

People searching legal services in Calgary, Alberta face a number of options. Lawyers, barristers, solicitors, attorneys, paralegals, notaries are just some of the names that people hear about. The Law Society of Alberta governs the lawyers in Alberta. At Kahane Law Office, we dedicate our practice to the provision of quality legal work and reasonable fees. Further, we aim to include a flat rate option in as many legal services as we can. Therefore, you know what to expect in terms of fees.

What Are Legal Services?

Almost each interaction that people experience involves legal services at one stage or another. For example, driving a car, includes some of the following aspects of legal services:

  • Employment contracts with car manufacturer and its employees;
  • Contracts between manufacturers and part suppliers;
  • Franchise agreements with dealerships;
  • Licensing agreements with dealerships;
  • Trademarks of company logos;
  • Insurance contracts between drivers and insurers;
  • Ticketing or criminal charges drivers face;
  • Liability in face of an accident; and lastly
  • Injury in the event of an accident.

Legal Services Provided By Kahane Law Office

Our lawyers specialize in an area of law to provide quality service to our clients. We provide legal services in the following areas of law:

Wills And Estates Lawyers

Our wills and estates lawyers assist clients with preparing wills, changing the terms of wills, probate, letters of administration, personal directives, power of attorneys. In addition, we help with guardianship orders, trusteeship orders and more.

Litigation Lawyers

Our litigation lawyers assist clients with civil litigation, collections, slander, cease and desist letters, demand letters, personal injury claims, enforcement of judgments, and more.

Real Estate Lawyers

Our real estate lawyers assist clients with buying and selling residential properties, refinancing residential properties. In addition we assist with buying and selling commercial properties, refinancing commercial properties, funding private loans, foreclosures, and more. In addition, our litigation team help clients with all manner of real estate litigation.

Family Law

Our family law lawyers assist clients with separation, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, child support and custody, spousal support, private adoptions, matrimonial property division, uncontested divorce and more.

Employment Lawyers

Our employment lawyers assist clients with termination package reviews, severance, employment contracts, workplace policies, independent contractor agreements, and more.

Corporate Commercial Lawyers

Our corporate and commercial lawyers assist clients with buying and selling businesses, incorporation, amalgamations, minute book maintenance, franchise agreements, corporate finance, and more

Immigration Lawyers

Our immigration lawyers assist clients with citizenship, visas, work permits, study permits, rehabilitation, hiring foreign workers, and more.

Criminal Lawyers

Our criminal lawyers assist clients with the following charges: shoplifting, theft, drug related charges, bail hearings, DUIs, and more.

Other Legal Services

Last, in addition to the above legal services, our firm provides notary services, commissioner for oaths, guarantor acknowledgements, independent legal advice, certified true copies of documents and more. These service may be booked in advance, usually same or next day, and with notary, commissioning and certified true copies, we offer drop in legal services.

Understanding How We Help

People often call or email asking for an appointment, but not knowing the area of law they need help with. Therefore, if you are not sure, please email us anytime with a brief explanation of the situation you face. We then, at no cost to you, determine the area of law that best applies to your situation. We then connect you with the lawyer best able to help you. Next, the lawyer lets you know the cost and process to move forward, allowing you to determine if you want to move forward. If it is an area of law that we do not service, we will let you know and, where we can, offer you a referral to another firm that provides those legal services.

Retaining Legal Services In Calgary

Hiring legal services in Calgary is as simple as calling or emailing. Our office is centrally located with plenty of free parking. Above all, our team loves what they do and it shows in how we deliver legal services. Finally, innovation and exceptional client service form the thrust of our firm’s focus. Please reach us at 403-225-8810 or email us directly here.