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Calgary Acceptance Agent help with ITINs

ITIN Applications Made Easy In Calgary

ITINs and Acceptance agents in Calgary. Two unique concepts that many Canadians have never heard about. If you face paying US taxes or face a withholding tax, which you want to get back in the United States, you likely need a Tax Identification Number. This number allows you to deal with US tax related issues.  Kahane Law Office has a contract with the IRS allowing it to assist clients in securing their US tax related number.

What Is An ITIN?

An ITIN is an Individual Tax Identification Number.In Canada the federal and provincial governments can track you and your taxes by was of a Social Insurance Number. In the United States the use Social Security numbers. If you do not live in the US, but need to deal with taxes there, the government and the IRS need a Number to track you with. This is the purpose of an ITIN. If you do not have one, then you can face a withholding tax or other penalties for not being able to file tax returns. An ITIN does not allow you to work in the US or get Social Security benefits. The form required to be completed for this application is the W-7.

What Is An Acceptance Agent?

A Certifying Acceptance Agent is a person who has been cleared by the US government to confirm your identity when you apply for a ITIN from outside the US. An acceptance agent has been finger printed and been cleared by the FBI to be trusted for this role in assisting the IRS. Acceptance agents are usually accountants or lawyers in Canada but not always. You can see below for a link to the full list of Acceptance agents in Canada. In addition to the W-7, we must submit a specific form signed by the acceptance agent. We must make the entire application as applications submitted by others, but include out certification of ID, act as strikes against us with the US tax authority.

Kahane Law As Calgary Acceptance Agent

Jeffrey Kahane and Kahane Law are authorized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide Certifying Acceptance Agent services on behalf of our Canadian Clients in order to facilitate the application process leading to the IRS issuance of ITINs. We are also able to complete and submit Form W7 on our clients’ behalf. This saves our clients from having to travel to the US to get an ITIN.

Common Needs For An Individual Tax Identification Number

There are many reasons why people must make these applications. For example, people often use an Acceptance Agent to get an ITIN when they face the following situations: (please note that this list is not exhaustive)

  • You have a US rental Property;
  • Selling a US Property;
  • Disposing of US Based Interests;
  • Royalty Income;
  • Business Income;
  • Required to File State or Federal Tax Returns;
  • Lottery, Competition or Gambling Winnings; and lastly
  • Other US Based Revenue

Getting Your United States Tax Number

Several mechanisms exist for submitting an application to get your tax number. Most involve physically going to the United States to  make your application.  If you require an ITIN but do not want to travel to the US for identification/application purposes, call us. While you may mail your passport to the United States to confirm ID, we do not suggest that mailing an original Canadian passport anywhere to be a good idea as they may get lost. An Acceptance Agent is the only mechanism for you to apply for your ITIN from Canada.

ITIN Acceptance Agent In Calgary

Kahane Law Office provides Acceptance Agent help under contract with the IRS and not as lawyers in Alberta. We also assist clients with ITIN renewals. It is only through our contract with the US government that we qualify with assisting people to apply for their Individual Tax Identification Number. If you need an ITIN, call today. Our Calgary acceptance agent can help. Call today. 403-225-8810 or email us directly here.

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