Finding the Right Civil Litigation Lawyer In Calgary

Calgary litigation lawyers (sometimes called civil litigators, corporate litigators, estate litigators, courtroom lawyers, and barristers) are not all the same. A civil litigator is often called on to act as an advocate, advisor, researcher, and more. They help people when that have been wronged as well as when they have been accused. It is important to find the right fit when it comes to picking Calgary litigation lawyers. The civil litigation team at Kahane Law Office is happy to help you.

How To Pick Civil Litigation Lawyers

When picking Calgary litigation lawyers to help you, you should look for a variety of things including:

The Lawyer’s Skill Set

Of course you want an excellent lawyer but different situations require different skill sets. For instance, some lawyers love (and thus have a lot of experience with) working on defamation cases, or corporate shareholder disputes, while others do not. Some litigation lawyers are more effective negotiators and do not attend court regularly, while others excel at advocating for clients in front of a judge.

Years Of Litigation Experience

Some matters will require a litigator with much more experience (such as complicated corporate litigation) than other situations (such as debt collection). As a general rule, in any profession, the more experience a person has, the more knowledgeable and effective they become. More experienced lawyers are generally more expensive than junior lawyers. In part, that additional hourly cost may be offset by a senior lawyer’s ability to complete tasks quicker.

Personality Fit With Your Lawyer

You want your lawyer to fit with your personality. Everything else being the same, you may relate to a more serious personality better while someone else may prefer someone more relaxed and light when dealing with serious issues. With personality fit comes trust, ability to convey information in a quicker more manageable way, and having a less stressful experience.

The “Bull Dog” Lawyer

Some situations need a lawyer who is very aggressive. Most do not, at least not right off the block. Taking a very aggressive position right from the start can lead to more stress, longer time for resolution and much more expensive legal fees. A better lawyer knows when to turn on the heat and knows when to use a less aggressive approach. Think “Bull Dog” as a tool, not a way of practice.

Trusting Your Lawyer

Nobody wants to come and see a litigation lawyer. If you need to talk to one, it’s because you have a problem that can’t be solved any other way. It is a stressful situation. Our Calgary litigation lawyers work hard to help put your mind at ease and give you the answers you need (though they may not be the answers you want). When you retain one of our litigation lawyers, you should feel better about the situation, not worse, and one of the highest compliments that you can pay us is to tell us that you feel better at the end of a meeting than you did at the beginning.

For that to work, you must trust your lawyer. Arguably, we should not act for a client who does not trust in our ability. The reverse is also true. You should make sure you trust your lawyer in terms of their legal experience, approach and ethics. In the end, you are paying this person for their advice, knowledge and ability; if you do not trust that they have the skills to best represent you, it begs the question: why are you paying them? All Calgary Litigation lawyers should never act for any client who they know does not trust in their abilities.

Areas of Law Our Calgary Litigation Lawyers Help With

We are a full service law firm and also a full service litigation law firm at every level of court. The areas we help in include, but are not limited to: debt recovery, condominium disputes, contract disputes, builder’s lien matters, defamation, corporate oppression and other shareholder disputes, arbitration, mediation, estate litigation, foreclosures, serious personal injury and fatalities, property disputes, professional disciplinary proceedings, administrative hearings, lease negotiations and disputes, and employment. Please use this link to see the whole range of family related situations where we can help.

The Kahane Law Calgary Litigation Lawyers Team

The following are our Calgary litigation lawyers who are able to help you. We usually try to “triage” client situations so that we pair you with the most appropriate lawyer for your situation.

calgary litigation lawyers; calgary civil lawyer; barrister; calgary court lawyer; chad newcombe; chadwick newcombe Chadwick Newcombe

Chadwick’s litigation expedience started when called to the Bar in 2001. Since then he excelled in the practice and genuinely loves what he does as a litigation lawyer in Calgary. His strength is in his ability to know when to push hard, and when to approach matters in a gentler manner to facilitate a negotiated settlement that our client is happy with. He volunteers his time helping young lawyers (and soon to be lawyers) as well as sitting on various boards of not for profits. You may learn more about Chadwick Newcombe and his litigation practice on this page.

Vik Mall litigation lawyer

Vik Mall

Vik Mall has been practicing since 2014. His legal experience allows him to successfully advocate for clients with more complex legal issues. Vik is thoughtful, thorough in everything he does when advocating for his clients. Learn more about Vik and his practice as well as some of his more notable court decisions here.

robert erickson employment lawyer

Robert Erickson

Robert joined our law office in 2020. His various post secondary studies included time in Calgary, England and Japan. Practicing in both Ontario and Alberta Robert discovered a passion for civil litigation. Learn more about Robert and his legal career on his page outlining his path to litigation.

Melvin Marin; Immigration Law Lawyer Melvin Marin

Melvin’s genuine concern for his clients and a commitment to serving them with integrity have earned Melvin a reputation for excellent client-focused advocacy. His practice areas are immigration, general litigation, and foreclosure and debt dispute resolution. Click here to learn more about Melvin and his practice.

Chris Erickson, Litigation lawyerChris Erickson

Chris joined the team at Kahane Law Office in February 2022 practicing in our litigation department. His primary focus is litigation with a specialization in employment law and personal injury. Click here to learn more about Chris and his legal career.

Kaitlynd Stewart Litigation lawyer, estate litigation

Kaitlynd Stewart

Kaitlynd maintains a general civil litigation practice with a keen interest in guardianship and trusteeship applications. Kaitlynd articled with a boutique estate litigation firm and with Kahane Law office, prior to agreeing to join as an associate with the firm. Click here to learn more about Kaitlynd.

Shuna Williams

Shuna is the newest addition to the Kahane Law Office litigation group. She comes to Kahane Law office with a varied litigation experience. Click here to learn more about Shuna and her approach to the law.

Retaining Calgary Litigation Lawyers At Kahane Law Office

If you were wrong or accused of wronging someone else, you need legal representation to protect yourself or your company. The Calgary litigation lawyers at Kahane Law are happy to help. We treat each client as an individual and give them the attention that they need to get through the litigation process. Connect with us today. The most effective way to connect with the litigation team is to email us directly here. You can also call us at403-225-8810.