Reduced Lawyer Fees For Veterans

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Armed Forces, Military & Veteran Lawyer Discounts

The lawyers and staff at Kahane Law Office recognize, respect and are grateful to our serving Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans who have a contributed to Canada and the world. Without our military personnel and peacekeepers, we would not enjoy the level of security and freedom that we do. Thank you. While it is only a small recognition, we are happy to extend 10% military discounts off all our legal services to retired and active members of our military and their dependents. Both our Edmonton and Calgary offices are here when you need us!

Areas Of Law Offered With Military Discounts

Being in the military, and being part of a military family, comes with its own set of stress that some people may not appreciate. On top of that, all of life’s regular matters also apply. Military families require both the same legal services that civilians do and more. As such, we are proud and happy to offer military discounts for the following services:

Real Estate Law

Often times serving military personnel are required to move more frequently than their civilian counterparts. Kahane Law is happy to offer military discounts for real estate purchase, sales and refinances across Alberta. We are also able to help with transfers of land (adding or removing someone from title or just transferring title) when required. Learn more about real estate law here.

Wills and Estates

Having a valid will, enduring power of attorney and personal directive is essential for all Canadians. If your work puts you at risk, it is even more essential. We extend our military discount to these services as well as for the probate of estates. Discounts on estate work is extended to both military executors regardless of the military status of the deceased as well as the family members of military personal needed to probate an estate of a serving or retired person. Learn more about wills and estates law here.

Corporate Services

We recognize that there is often work life after leaving the military. Veterans wishing to start their own businesses post-military are welcome to our veterans’ discount for all corporate services. This includes everything from simple incorporation to share holder agreements, buying a business through to selling a businesses. Learn more about corporate legal services here.

Family & Divorce Law

Family law affects many couples in Alberta. Our family law team deal with both the pre-martial contracts side of family law, as well as relationships that just did not work out. We are also here to help with military discounts for couples who are dealing together, with prior relationships that continue to be problematic. Learn more about family and divorce law here.

Immigration Law

Active military personal deployed overseas occasionally find love in foreign lands. No matter where in Canada those personnel live, we offer discounts with all immigration needs, including helping to bring loved ones to Canada. As noted, immigration law is an area of law that we are able to assist clients from across the country and form abroad. Learn more about immigration law here.

Notary Services

Except as offered exclusively as a veterans’ discount below, active military members are entitled to half price on notary services. This includes child travel letters. While we need time to prepare child travel letters, simple notary and commissioning is available on a drop in basis. Learn more about our notary services here.

Military Discounts For Other Legal Services

Kahane Law Office is a full service law firm. Any active military member, veteran or their dependents, should always feel free to reach out when in need of legal services. Even if you are not sure exactly, what kind of lawyer you need to speak with, we will figure it out for you. We want to make it easy! Most importantly, We offer our veterans’ discounts across our service lines.

Veterans’ Discount

For veterans or retired service members, exempting dishonorable discharges, we are happy to offer free notary services and commissioner for oath services. This free veteran discount is for up to 5 documents per month per veteran. Please feel free to call to make an appointment or just drop in.

Showing Military Status To Receive Military Discounts

When we provide legal services, the Law Society of Alberta requires us to identify all our clients with valid ID. The Canadian Armed Forces, make it easy for its members, past and present, to show their service to Canadians. In order to enjoy your military discount or veterans’ discount, we require presentation of your Military ID at the time you come to our office for services.

Military Discounts For Military Personnel And Veterans

Legal help is only an email, call or drop in away. We are here when you need us. Just let us know about your legal situation and we then connect you with the lawyer on our team who is best suited to assist you. Do not delay, call today. We are here to help. Connect now toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or (780) 571-8463 in the Edmonton area and 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.