Did You Fall On A Sidewalk Or In A Store?

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Calgary Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall lawyers represent people who have hurt themselves on someone else’s property. These types of injuries are called slip and fall injuries, slip, trip and fall injuries, personal injuries, occupier liability claims, and more. At Kahane Law Office, we help people in Calgary, Alberta who have suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence. Read more or call today 403-225-8810.

So What is a Slip and Fall Injury

No matter what you call it, a slip and fall injury is usually where someone slips , falls and hurts themselves while on property owned by someone else. Usually these injuries involve slipping on water, snow, ice or any unsafe environment. Slip and fall lawyers deal with all these situations. For examples these types of injuries include:


    • Injury
    • Bruising
    • Soft tissue injury
    • Muscle strain / pain
    • Scarring
    • Disfigurement
    • Sickness
    • Broken bones
    • Concussion
    • Fractures
    • Torn ligaments
    • Torn Tendons
    • Death

Requirements For A Valid Injury Claim If You Have Fallen

People are required to keep public areas safe. It does not matter if it is a commercial business, privately owned property, municipally owned property or residential property. These property owners have a duty of care to those who are reasonable foreseeable to be invited onto the property. This liability stems from both the common law (judge made law) and the Occupiers Liability Act (government legislation). These claims stem from the improper or inadequate maintenance, repair, upkeep or property (land or buildings) or protection from unsafe situations. Our team of slip and fall lawyers knows what to look for with respect to liability.

Steps Slip And Fall Lawyers Suggest You Take After A Fall

Get any required medical attention

The first thing you should worry about is your health and safety. Making sure you leave a dangerous place is paramount. Next make sure you get any immediately required medical attention

Take photos

Next, your slip and fall lawyer will need any photos you have. Take a picture of the unsafe situation that created the hazard. It is better to have to many pictures than not enough. Make sure that there is a way to determine location and scale of the hazard. When in front of the court, slip and fall lawyers present photos so the court can actually see how you got hurt.

Witnesses to your fall

If there are witnesses to your fall, the surroundings, hazards, other peoples prior falling or other people who reported the hazard tot he property owner, make sure that you write down their name and phone number.

Write it down

By the time your slip and fall lawyer gets to court, it can be years later. While you may think you will remember everything, it is very important to wrote down as much detail as soon as you can. Include a description of the situation, location, surroundings, hazard, and any statements that people make about this happening before or knowing there was a problem. Again, more detail is better. Also, if applicable, make sure you keep or take pictures of your footwear to show that they were in good condition or proper for your environment. This avoids anyone form claiming that you had a part in your injury.

Names of those in charge

Try to get the names of employees around you, managers, property or business owners.

Limit what you say

Talk to your slip and fall lawyer. It is better to avoid statements to people about fault, or how you are feeling. Often you do not know the extent of your injuries for a little while after you have fallen. Similarly, while property owner’s insurance adjusters seem to be your friend, they are looking to limit exposure. Again, speak to your slip and fall lawyer about what you should be disclosing. There is a proper legal process for disclosing information.

Slip and Fall Lawyers Seek To Get You Reimbursed

No one wants to get hurt. Our slip and fall lawyers do not try to milk situations. Are goal and the goal of the courts is to try to put you back in the condition you would have been if not for the negligence of someone else. Examples of valid claims that we pursue on your behalf include:

  • Loss of income;
  • Cost of medical treatment including massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy;
  • Cost of rehabilitation aids or tools;
  • Cost of doing things that you cannot now do but could before such as cleaning or home maintenance;
  • Pain and suffering damages; and
  • Cost of future medical care.

Kahane Law Slip And Fall Lawyers in Calgary

Our slip and fall law firm has varied experience and offers exceptional service for assisting with your serious slip and fall injury claim. Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Connect today at 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta, we can be called toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.