Finding The Best Family Law Lawyer For You

Calgary family lawyers, also referred to as family law attorneys, are not all the same. A family lawyer is often called on to act as a advocate, litigator, counselor, guardian and more.  It is important to find the right fit when it comes to picking A family lawyer in Calgary. The family law team at Kahane Law Office is happy to help you.

Picking From Calgary Family Lawyers

When you pick a lawyer to help you, a number of factors come into play. For example, these include:

Skill Set:

Every client always wants an excellent family law lawyer. However, different family law situations require differing skill sets. For example, some lawyers love (and thus have a lot of experience with) working on child custody cases. Other lawyers do not have these experiences to draw from.

Years Of Experience:

Some matters really need Calgary family lawyers with much more experience because they include more technical or less cut and dry legal positions. For example, this includes things such as mobility related issues. Other areas of law are less disputed in terms of the current law. An example of this is child support.

Personality Fit:

You want your lawyer, and your relationship with them, to fit with your personality. assuming two lawyers have the same legal skills, some clients relate better to a more serious personality while other clients prefer to work with someone more relaxed and light when contending with serious family issues.

The “Bull Dog” family lawyer:

Not all client matters require the same hammer first approach. Some situations need a family lawyer who is very aggressive. Most do not, at least not right off the block. Taking a very aggressive position right from the start can lead to more stress, longer time for resolution and much more expensive legal fees. A better lawyer knows when to turn on the heat and knows when to use a less aggressive approach. We encourage using the “Bull Dog” approach as a strategic tool. We discourage it a s a way of practice if our client wants better results at a lower cost. However, if a client wants that approach, we take our client instructions accordingly.


Above all, you must trust your lawyer. Arguable, we should not act for a client who does not trust in our ability. The reverse is also true. You should make sure you trust your lawyer in terms of their legal experience, approach and ethics.

Areas Of Family Law We Help With

We are a full service law firm and also a full service family law firm at every level of court. The ares we help in include, divorce, common law, child custody and support. We can even help with private adoption and dividing assets or debts. Please utilize this link in order for you to see the whole range of family related situations that we assist clients with.

Farah Kohorst Family Law Lawyer

Farrah Kohorst

Farrah is a family lawyer who was called to the Bar in 2008. She joined Kahane Law in 2014 and heads the family law team. She is passionate about the law and her clients. This is equally true for divorce situations and common law. Farrah has even fought and had a court decision in her client’s favour that changed the law in Alberta. You can learn more about Farrah and her practice here.

Carey Leishman

Carey was called to the Bar in 2010. While she worked for a family firm before even graduating law school,  she focused on family law exclusively since 2012. As Calgary family lawyers go, Carey is an active presenter, sharing her knowledge of family law matters for the public and as an educator of other lawyers. Learn more about Carey and her experience here.

Enrique Dubon-Roberts; divorce lawyer; calgary divorce laywer

Enrique Dubon-Roberts

As a native Spanish speaker, Enrique was called to the bar in 2008 and is one of the few Calgary family lawyers who is able to offer legal services fluently in both English and Spanish.  Focusing exclusively on family law since 2010, he works extremely hard for all his clients with a special love for dealing with support and property division issues. Learn more about Enrique and his practice (in English and Spanish) here.

ivana covic family lawyer

Ivana Covic

Ivana started work life as a teacher and consequently, enjoys helping clients understand the nature of their legal situation, their options and then helping them to move forward with family law related legal matters. Her spirited nature and approach to helping clients is appreciated by them regularly.  Please click here to learn more about Ivana and her practice as a family law lawyer.

Alaine Barclay

Alaine articled with Kahane Law in 2006 and was called to the Bar as a lawyer in 2007. She limits her family law practice to uncontested matters. This includes drafting and reviewing separation agreements, finalizing uncontested divorces and providing Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for other matrimonial or common law agreements. She is especially capable of preparing separation agreements required for mortgage lenders when people refinance or buy a new home during the separation process.  Learn more about Alaine’s practice among our Calgary family lawyers here.

Garrett Horvath

Garrett joined Kahane Law Office’s family law team in 2015 after completing his articles at a litigation firm. He enjoys advocating on behalf of his clients and often takes on the more unusual situations that require “out of the box” thinking to resolve. Garrett’s technology background gives him an advantage when dealing with newer divorce issues, such as the division of Bitcoins. Learn some more about Garrett’s family law practice here. 

Savera Qazi

Savera not only has a law degree but her Masters in Law and has practiced in Calgary, Alberta since 2013. Joining Kahane Law in 2016, Savera believes that by building strong connections with clients, she is better able to serve their family related legal needs. Savera is fluent in several languages and offers legal services in each. You can learn more about Savera here and how she can help.

Finding The Right Calgary Family Lawyers

When you retain Kahane Law for your family law related legal services, you hire an entire team. We will work in as cost effective and efficient manner as possible. Call today to learn how we can help avoid issues, negotiate out of them or litigate problems that have not been resolved previously. The fastest way to connect is by email, however, if you prefer to speak on the phone, call anytime. For emails, we just need to know a point form summary of your situation and what you are looking to do and we will be able to connect you with the right lawyer for your situation the same or the next business day. Reach out today! 403-225-8810 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.