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Calgary Attorneys For Legal Help

Attorney Vs. Lawyer

As lawyers, our Calgary attorneys are often asked to help people. In Calgary, Alberta most people refer to lawyers as, well, lawyers. In Alberta, to be a practicing attorney, you need to be a member of the Alberta Law Society. It is the Legal Profession Act in Alberta that set this requirement. If you require legal help, at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta we are available.

Why Are There Restrictions On Who Can BE An Attorney At Law?

The reason the Legal Profession Act, sets limitation on who can be an attorney is to protect the public. Attorneys must have specific education and then testing to be a member of the Alberta Bar. As a member of the Law Society, an attorney is subject to review, an going trust a counting supervision and disciplinary actions. If a Calgary attorney is acting in a way that puts the public at risk, the law society can penalize, suspend or “dis-bar, or take away the ability to practice if it is in the public’s best interest.

Type Of Work Kahane Law Attorneys Do

While the Law Society allows any member to practice in any area of law, we have lawyers who have focused their practice on very specific practice areas. We feel that this gives our clients great service. It also allows all our team to work together as a team and not compete with each other for clients. At Kahane Law Office, we help with the following types of legal issues:

  • Corporate

    Our Corporate attorney helps people start, maintain and make changes to their company. Our corporate team can help companies from start-ups to established businesses.

  • Commercial

    Commercial law is the law most businesses need. While Calgary corporate law helps with setting up a company, a commercial attorney helps with the things that a company does. This includes drafting contracts, reviewing leases, buy and sale agreements, etc.

  • Family

    Family law attorneys help in divorces, dealing with support, custody and property division. They not only help with the break down of relationships (married or common law) but also draft prenuptial agreements, separation agreements and cohabitation agreements.

  • Employment

    Our employment attorneys helps with the hiring and firing of employees. They also help with reviewing termination or severance packages to make sure that they are fair. We are able to draft employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality contracts for you employees and contract workers.

  • Real Estate

    Our real estate attorney helps people to buy homes, sell homes and refinance homes. Our residential team can help to transfer property from one person to another. We also have a commercial real estate attorney.

  • Wills

    Our wills attorney helps people to draft their will. As a Calgary attorney, this person can also help with estate planning, personal directives and powers of attorney.

  • Estates

    Our Calgary estates attorney help people to probate their estate. This means that when someone passes away, they establish with the surrogate court that the will is the the proper final will. Probate will also set out the assets of the estate, the debts of the estate and who gets what from the estate.

  • Immigration

    Our Calgary immigration attorney helps people who want to immigrate to Calgary or anywhere in Alberta. Our immigration team can also help with visitors visas, work visas and citizenship applications.

Finding A Calgary Attorney

If you need legal help in Calgary, Alberta then look no further. Our team is able to help you in a variety of areas of law. We pride ourselves in excellent service and offering fair rates. We also try to have flat rates whenever we can so you know what you will pay before you hire our legal team. At Kahane Law Office we can help. For more information on how we can help connect with us today. We can be reached at 403-225-8810 or email us here directly.