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Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Find Solutions

Our Calgary, Alberta commercial real estate lawyers assist you or your corporation with the full range of your commercial real estate needs. We offer limited customized and/or limited engagements to fit every client’s needs and budget. Further, we do not just find the problems but we offer solutions to help with your commercial success. The Commercial real estate lawyers at Kahane Law office help from start to finish. We make commercial real estate easier for you 403-225-8810.

Commercial Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Law

Transactions take a variety of forms and involve a wide range of transaction types. Kahane Law Office acts for a variety of companies and individuals who are buying and selling commercial real estate. The complexities of commercial real estate require specialized legal experience. The types of commercial work we complete each week spans a wide range of size and type. For example, our commercial real estate lawyers as a commercial real estate law firm serves you for two types of transactions:

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Involving Land

Each year we see clients buying and selling many types of property. For example, we help with the buying and selling of: commercial buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, bare land, development land, restaurants, apartment buildings, parkades, parking lots, office buildings, shopping centers, churches and hotels. In addition, we help with all commercial property transactions. We act from initial intent to contract, drafting and reviewing commercial contracts, through the due diligence period to final completion of the transaction.

Commercial Transactions Involving a Business

Next, our commercial real estate lawyers assist with the purchase and sale of business (with or without land). These transactions include a variety of business types. For example, these include, gas stations, restaurants, bars/pubs, chiropractor offices, financial planners, sporting goods businesses, manufacturing businesses, retail stores, dental offices, medical labs, and many more. Call now for details before you sign anything. Often we see problems because clients sign paperwork before we review it. Therefore, we act from beginning intent to contract, contract drafting and review, through the due diligence condition period to final completion of the transaction. This helps protect our clients at every stage.

Commercial Financing Law

Along with the acquiring and disposing of commercial businesses and land, our commercial real estate lawyers act with respect to commercial financing for purchasing and refinancing of existing land and businesses. We  act for both commercial lenders and borrowers in a variety of capacities. For example, thees include acquisition financing, construction loans, refinancing, and foreclosures. Our clients base includes both large commercial lenders and sophisticated borrows as well as smaller private lenders and individual borrowers.

Commercial Leases

Lastly, representing landlords and tenants, our commercial real estate lawyers regularly review and advise clients with all lease related matters. Making sure your deal is what you expect is key. Further, understanding your rights and obligations (especially financial ones) are a key factor for most clients. We act in a wide variety of lease related situations. For example, these include clients entering new leases, renewing leases, negotiating leases dealing with potential or actual defaults on commercial leases, and lease related litigation. Learn more about commercial leases here.

Commercial Structure Lawyers

One key to success is a solid corporate structure for your business. This step occurs before moving on to a real estate related venue. Other times discovered deficiencies require changes to existing corporate structure. Our commercial group and assist with setting up, restructuring and transferring commercial assets through a variety of mechanism. We frequently assist with small and large corporations, various shareholders in a corporate structure, corporations and individuals in a joint venture agreement and partnerships of various types. Lastly, we help set up bare trusts for clients where needed.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers: Value and Peace of Mind

Each deal and client is different. Consequently, we know, understand and respect that every client has their own needs and concerns. Our commercial real estate lawyers work with you to ensure that your transaction is a success. With the legal and practical experience, we work to protect you and your business. Protect your business and transaction by connecting today. Reach us at 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta. In addition feel free to call us toll-free from anywhere in Alberta at 1-877-225-8817 or email us here directly.