Notary Service: Fast, Easy And Affordable In Calgary

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Notary Service: Fast, Easy And Affordable In Calgary

In Alberta and around the world, people require notary services. These services usually pop up here and there. For most people, the requirement for notary services is not a regular occurrence. The notary publics at Kahane Law Office in Calgary ensure that the process is quick and easy for you.

What Are Notary Services

Notary services come up as a requirement in a variety of situations in day to day life and specific life events. For example, the need usually comes up with regards to:

    • Swearing an Affidavit;
    • Administer an affirmation;
    • Taking a Statutory Declaration;
    • Administering an Oath;
    • Making a true copy of a document (of passports, birth certificates, degrees, etc); and lastly
    • Witness and attest to the signing of a document.

Who Is A Notary Public

In Alberta, many people are Notary Publics whom offer notary services. The Notary And Commissioners Act creates these roles by statute. They attain this position by way of appointment by the Province of Alberta or by the nature of their status or office. Appointed individuals with this status hold that position as a result of their application for it. The people whom hold the position by way of their office include, for example:

    • Members of Parliament elected in Alberta;
    • Lawyers;
    • Students-at-Law or Articling students;
    • Judges;
    • People elected to the Alberta legislature whom currently hold office; and lastly
    • Senators in Canada who, when appointed to the Senate, resided in Alberta.

How To Know If You Need a Notary Or Commissioner

Many people need help deciding if they need a commissioner or notary. We help you make this determination. That said, the easy answer is that Notaries, by position, perform all the services that a commissioner legally performs and then more. If in doubt, have your document notarized instead of commissioned. We want the process to run smooth and not give you stress so at Kahane Law Office, we charge the same rate for both of these services.

Cost Of Notary Services

We believe in affordable pricing for services many individuals require. Notary services billing is on a flat rate of $65+GST for the first document. Subsequent documents, at the same appointment, cost $25+GST. If you have a large number of documents that require notary services at the same time, call for pricing as we offer a reduced rate to make these situations more affordable. In addition, our office has free parking for clients so you do not have to pay more than the cost of the notary.

Fast, Easy And Affordable Notary Services

When people Require notary services, they usually require them in a timely manner. At Kahane Law, we offer drop in or appointment services. This means that you are free to drop by at a time that is convenient for you. With drop in services, the first free lawyer then meets with you to provide the service for you. This may include a wait of 10 or so minutes but we offer drop in service during our regular hours. People also set up appointments during our regular hours, however, in some instances, we offer after hour notary services.

We also attend at homes, hospitals and other facilities when people lack the mobility to come to the office. The appointments cost more. The additional cost is based on the time required to attend at any specific location.

Booking Notary Services Appointments (Or Just Drop In)

Drop in anytime during regular hours or book an appointment. We offer flexible services to meet your schedule. Also, if you need clarity on the exact service required, we help sort that out for you. We even offer Notary services in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi. Call today! Please feel free to reach our Calgary law firm toll-free at 403-225-8810, or if it is easier email us directly here today.