Personal Directives

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Personal directives and living wills help make sure your wishes are followed.

Calgary Personal Directives & Living Wills Lawyers

Personal directives are often referred to as living wills, advanced care planning or advanced medical directives. They are a legal document that allows you to appoint an agent (personal representative) to make decisions for you if you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself about yourself. Personal directives can be very specific as to the exact wishes that you want followed or you can put your trust generally that the person you pick knows you well enough to make these decisions. In Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas, Kahane Law Office is able to help. Call today 403-225-8810.

Decisions Made in Personal Directives & Living Wills

Types of decision making powers that are included in living wills and personal directives:

Medical care decisions

These decisions include what medical treatment you do or do not get, what types of medicine is administered, whether special lifesaving procedures are used to prolong life, experimental treatments, etc.

Where you live

If the time comes where you cannot live at home, your agent can decide for you as to what type of facility or residence you will live in. If financing is an issue, this person will work with your power of attorney who will administer your assets. Often the personal directive and enduring power of attorney will appoint the same individual but this is not required if you think that your wishes will be better followed separating out the roles.

Personal life decisions

These include things like with whom you associate, with whom you live, they types of activities that you take part in, etc.

Why a Personal Directive is Important

A personal directive lets you legalize your wishes for your medical and personal care

Without a personal directive, there is a chance that someone will have to apply to the court to get the legal right to make these decisions. This is called a guardianship order. At times,

the Office of the Public Guardian of Alberta will make decisions for you and if there is a dispute as between people with conflicting ideas of your treatment, the matter may be decided by the court. In these circumstances, Kahane Law Office is able to represent an individual claiming the responsibility of making decisions for you.

What If You Do Not Have A Personal Directive

If you do not have a personal directive, then a family member or friend may have to apply for a guardianship order. This is where the court appoints someone that they think is best able to make choices for you. This process can be expensive and time consuming. It usually also happens at a time that is emotionally difficult for family members. The Alberta government sets the laws with respect to when there is no personal directive (or living will) and guardianship. Look Here for information if you need ideas on how to talk to and encourage your parents to put a will & estate plan in place.

Kahane Law Video on Personal Directives

Learn more about personal directives. Our video is short and informative. Click here to watch our personal directive video on YouTube.

Your Personal Directive / Living Will

Our lawyers in Calgary can help you understand the complexities of the different personal directive options and can help draft one to fit your needs. Kahane Law Office would be pleased to assist you in all matters relating to powers of attorney. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, 403-225-8810 locally or contact us online for a personal directive to learn more today.