Finding The Best Calgary Real Estate Lawyer For You

Not every law firm is the same. The Calgary real estate lawyers, or real estate attorneys, at Kahane Law Office prioritizes the importance of delivering timely and effective results to fulfill our clients’ needs. We know that buying or selling your home is an exciting yet stressful event. It may also be one of the biggest financial investments you ever make. Our friendly team of experienced lawyers and paralegals are here when you need us. We also assist in various real estate areas including leasing, developing and financing commercial real estate.

Picking Your Calgary Real Estate Lawyer

When choosing who to represent you in a real estate transaction, you should focus on several things. For example, the most important include:

Flat Rate Real Estate Legal Fees

Our clients tell us that cost and value are important. At Kahane Law Office, we believe in transparency. For most of our residential real estate transactions, we offer flat rate fees. You know your final invoice (including disbursements) in advance of retaining us. This means if we are not efficient, we cannot just add extra courier, or other costs to your bill. Our fees are neither the highest nor lowest in Calgary. We sit about the middle – cost wise. The value our Calgary real estate lawyers give is exceptions service. Feedback of multiple Calgary real estate law firm clients have established Kahane Law as Top Real Estate Law Firm In Calgary for six consecutive years. That is value! Please see our flat rate fees for details.

A Lawyer Who’s Practice Focuses On Real Estate Law

When hiring Calgary real Estate Lawyers to assist you with your transaction, real estate law should be a chief focus in their practice. You may not wish to hire a lawyer who dabbles in a wide range of practice areas. While routine functions usually do not pose a challenge, with volume comes experience. The more situations a lawyer encounters, the more “tools” she or he will have in their tool chest to help you with your real estate legal needs.

Our real estate group focuses primarily on residential and commercial real estate. In fact, real estate has been the main focus of Kahane Law Office since its inception over a decade ago.

Personality And Trust In Your Lawyer

Many Calgary Real Estate Lawyers offer legal services to clients. Pick a lawyer who puts you at ease and is accessible in case you have any questions or need to resolve issues throughout the transaction. A law firm that turns over a high volume of real estate deals may employ a large number of legal assistants and paralegals. Consequently, a legal professional is there for you when you need them. Kahane Law offers Calgary’s only after hours hotline for realtors and mortgage professionals so that legal help is only a call away, even after most offices are closed.

Our lawyers prioritize integrity and transparency. The long-term relationships we have cultivated with our clients are based on a foundation of trust, collegiality and a deep understanding of the complexities of Alberta’s real estate sector. Our team of honest, competent lawyers pride themselves in always acting in your best interest.

Calgary Real Estate Law Firm’s Resources

An often overlooked aspect of picking Calgary real estate lawyers is looking at the firm itself. A single lawyer firm offers a different service than a firm with multiple lawyers. For example, we encourage people to consider the following:

Advantage of multiple real estate lawyers

There are several advantages to picking a firm that has more than one real estate lawyer. For example, if your lawyer takes a vacation or is sick, then who is acting on your behalf? With firms with “back up” real estate lawyers, you enjoy the benefit of another lawyer stepping in when needed. Further, and this is more a matter of convenience, multiple lawyers generally have more options available in terms of time to sign. If you need to sign at 2 pm, and one lawyer is booked, then another steps in to meet with you.

Advantage of multiple areas of law

Next, with multiple areas of law comes more breadth to the firm. For example, if an issue comes up in a real estate closing, a firm with litigation lawyers then has that resource available to you. At Kahane Law Office, quick questions as to litigation options or potential outcomes usually come at no extra cost to our clients.

Our Calgary Real Estate Law Areas Of Expertise

Kahane Law Office is truly a full service law firm. Our real estate group has established a culture of teamwork to provide timely, cost-effective and quality client-centered legal services to a wide range of clients. We provide legal advice to clients such as landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, land developers, condominium developers and corporations. Our key areas of expertise include:

Kahane Law Office is truly a full service law firm. At times, real estate transactions may require legal expertise from other practice groups at our firm. Our Calgary real estate lawyers work closely with our corporate law, litigation, immigration, criminal law, wills & estates and family law group to ensure you receive the legal services you require. Consequently, often we get quick answers at no additional cost to our clients. In addition, through our affiliations, we can connect you with qualified law firms outside of Alberta to assist with transactions outside of the province or country.

Our Calgary Real Estate Lawyers

calgary real estate lawyer; real estate attorney, real estate lawyers; jeff kahane; jeffrey kahane; jeff kahane lawyer; jeff kahane attorney Jeffrey (Jeff) Kahane, K.C.

As the founder and managing partner at Kahane Law Office, Jeff started Kahane Law Office in 2004, which began as a primarily real estate focused firm. His extensive experience in assisting clients in their residential real estate transactions is fueled by his passion for helping people navigate one of the most exciting times in their lives – buying their home. Over the last several years, he has shared his in depth knowledge by teaching, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, soon to be lawyers at law school and even current lawyers. Jeff’s full bio on his practice as a Calgary real estate lawyer is just a click away.


Alaine Barclay; uncontested divorce lawyer; desk divorce lawyer; calgary ncontested divorce lawyers Alaine Barclay

Alaine was called to the bar in 2007 and has been with Kahane Law Office since articling in 2006. With a practice area that started and continues in residential real estate, Alaine is passionate about helping you resolve your legal issues. She aims to do so in a timely and cost-effective manner. She enjoys helping with sales and purchases of residential real estate, mortgage refinances, transfers of land, and drafting purchase contracts. Alaine’s bio and residential real estate law practice information is a click away here.

Julia Herscovitch

Proudly born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Julia was called to the bar in 2010. She articled at Kahane law Office and has remained with our firm ever since. Julia practices in residential and commercial real estate law. To help her commercial real estate clients. she maintains a general corporate commercial practice. She enjoys assisting with a variety of areas ranging from sales and purchases of homes and businesses, to corporate restructuring and reviewing commercial leases. Click here for more information about Julia’s practice as a real estate lawyer.


Jacob Plotsky; Jake Plotsky Jacob (Jake) Plotsky

Jake’s calm and patient personality really shines when it comes to guiding his clients thought estate mattes. Wills, EPAs, Personal directives, probate and more, Jake helps his clients understand their options as well as how to best draft documents reflecting their wishes. Learn more about Jake and his practice here.


Ritika Nanda, real estate lawyer, corporate lawyer

Ritika Nanda

Ritika was called to the bar in 2022. She articled at Kahane law Office and has remained with our firm ever since. Ritika practices in residential real estate law. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, she provides guidance and support throughout the legal process, ensuring her clients feel empowered and well-informed. She enjoys helping with sales and purchases of residential real estate, mortgage refinances, transfers of land, and drafting purchase contracts. Ritika’s bio and residential real estate law practice information is a click away.


Jacalyn Symonds Real estate lawyer calgary Jacalyn Symonds

Proudly born and raised in Manitoba, Jacalyn was called to the bar in 2003. She thoroughly enjoys all aspects of property law and has worked closely with property management companies in the area of Condominium Property Law. Jacalyn also enjoys working in a thriving and fast paced real estate practice and is particularly involved in working closely with clients and realtors and mortgage brokers to provide a positive real estate experience. Click here for more information about Jacalyn’s practice as a real estate lawyer.

Real Estate Attorneys In Calgary?

Do not be confused. People ask the difference between a lawyers and Calgary real estate attorneys. In Alberta, they are the same thing. The term attorney is often used in the US but is also accurate in Canada. So if you need a real estate attorney in Calgary, we are here to help.

Finding The Right Calgary Real Estate Lawyer

When you retain a real estate lawyer at Kahane Law Office, you hire our entire team. We have a long standing history of providing custom solutions to complex real estate transactions. Our team appreciates the time sensitive nature of real estate transactions and we work tirelessly to ensure your real estate deal is executed seamlessly and closes on time. Need legal assistance? Do not wait. Call our Calgary real estate lawyers today at 403-225-8810 in Calgary, Alberta, or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us here directly.