Commercial & Business Lease Agreements: Talk to your Lawyer Before Signing

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Commercial Lease Lawyers Protect You

Leasing or renting commercial property is extremely important. Without space, your business cannot operate. It is a significant financial legal obligation that can last many years. Hidden costs, obligations and other financial pitfalls must be known prior to signing your lease. There are many commercial lease considerations to look at before signing. Each and every lease, lease renewal and ease assignment should be drafted, reviewed and explained to you by a commercial lease lawyer in Calgary, Alberta. We are here when you need us at any stage of entering into a lease 403-225-8810.

Why See A Lawyer About Commercial Leases

Standardized commercial leases are often drafted by lawyers for a landlord and contain provisions that protect them but not tenants. Even if you cannot change the terms, it is very important to know what the consequences of signing are. Leases drafted by landlords without the help of a commercial lease lawyer may not protect the landlord.

Types Of Leases Our Lawyers Deal With

Our commercial lease legal team has dealt with leases involving restaurants, pubs, retail, office warehouse, manufacturing, professional, medical, agricultural, industrial, residential, and farming.

  • Lease negotiations: adding terms to protect you
  • Lease negotiations: getting rid of terms that put you at risk or cost you money
  • Lease negotiations: getting you more benefits
  • Lease review: explaining the commercial lease to you so you can make an informed choice
  • Lease drafting: ensuring the terms that are negotiated are legally binding
  • Lease advocacy: helping you to enforce your rights under the lease
  • Lease advocacy: helping you to reduce the consequences of beaches of a commercial lease
  • Lease litigation: We will represent you in court to protect your interests

Biggest Pitfalls Our Commercial Lawyers Find For Tenants

The most frequent issues we identify for our tenant clients are related to personal guarantees, additional rent inclusions, common area costs, indemnifications to the landlord, the terms for renewals, and end of lease obligations. While this is a basic overview of some more common issues, there are subtle terms that can cost you thousands.

How our Lawyers Help Landlords

A lease that is properly drafted by a commercial lease lawyer will offer protection to landlords. Landlords often miss common area expenses or additional rent items that should be properly paid for by tenants. Proper drafting can help protect a landlord form financial loss in the event of non-payment and save the landlord headaches and expense at various times during the lease. See our video on midnight movers.

Commercial Lease Lawyers in Calgary: Value and Peace of Mind

We know that every client has their own needs and concerns. Our commercial lease lawyers will work with you to ensure that your lease or renewal is a success. Connect today at 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta, we can be called toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.