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A commercial real estate law firm is one that is able to assist with all aspects relating to commercial real estate law. Commercial real estate law firms should be more that just transferring property. There are many aspects to a commercial real estate transaction and surrounding legal issues that need to be addressed. Commercial properties includes, industrial, retail, raw land, office space, etc. The commercial real estate law firm of Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta is happy to support your commercial transactions. We provide the following services related:

Commercial Real Estate Law

First, a commercial real estate law firm must be able to understand the negotiation, contracting and transfer of these types of properties. There are a number of specifics that develop in a commercial transaction related to real estate in Alberta that differ from residential real estate. The lawyers at our commercial real estate law firm have been involved in transactions that have ranges from small $50,000 small town commercial buildings to $320 million refinancing. Commercial real estate lawyers guide you through the process of acquiring or disposing of commercial real estate from start to finish. For example, some of the aspects that our law firm deals with includes:

Review, negotiating and drafting commercial real estate contracts

Our team reviews commercial real estate contracts presented to you. In other words, we ensure you understand what the deal actually entails. We also assist with negotiating existing contracts, or negotiate the terms of your transaction from the outset. Above all, a key part of due diligence includes completely understanding the contract that sets out the details of the agreement as between the parties. Once negotiated, our firm helps to draft those terms into a contract that will protect you.

Environmental due diligence

When buying commercial, industrial, retail or even bare land real estate, it is essential to perform proper due diligence with respect to environmental issues. While we do not perform environmental (non-legal) services, we will work to protect your interests. Environmental issues can be extremely expensive to mediate and have very long lasting consequences.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing can be a part of a commercial transaction in two ways. For some clients we act only with respect to commercial leasing. Our commercial lease lawyers will review, explain, negotiate and draft commercial leases. As a tenant it is imperative to fully understand all the financial and non-financial obligations under a lease. As a landlord, fully protect your investment. In other situations, our commercial lease lawyers will be involved with the tenants of a building being bought and sold. In addition, other services provided includes, preparing estoppel certificates, terminating leases, assigning leases, evicting tenants, etc.

Commercial Financing Related To Real Estate

Commercial real estate financing involves legally securing financing in commercial transactions. With this type of financing we act for the borrower or the lender. Conflict laws prohibit the firm from acting for both the lender and the borrowers as too great a conflict of interest exists. For example, with respect to this type of financing, we help to secure:

  • Construction mortgages and loans;
  • Draw mortgages;
  • Umbrella mortgages;
  • Personal guarantees;
  • General security agreements; and lastly
  • Debt restructuring
  • Foreclosure

Construction and Development Law

Similarly, we offer specific legal services exist for building new commercial projects related to real estate. For example, construction and developments law includes the drafting of construction contracts, financing, term of use agreements, architect agreements, and some municipal issues. Ensuring that contract accurately reflect the intentions of the parties help avoid legal trouble down the road.

Corporate Legal Services

Most commercial transactions for real estate require corporate legal services. New projects may need to incorporate. The right business structure is important to protect the participants and maximize corporate benefits. Groups of individuals or companies combining their efforts on a real estate project should have a joint venture agreement, partnership agreement, unanimous shareholder agreement co-ownership agreements or management agreement in place. Specific situations dictate the structure of each transaction. Our commercial team can help you decide which a approach is best for you. With a project, you may also need specific resolutions drafted and included in your minute book. For example, these include ones for acquiring or disposing of major assets, approving financing or entering into major contracts.


Lastly, at times commercial transactions do not go as they are planned. People or companies not performing, acting improperly, being negligent, failing to disclose, or the breaching of a contract are some of the ways that a transaction can lead to litigation. As a full service law firm, Kahane Law Office offers the breadth of service, including commercial litigation, to ensure that all your legal needs are covered. In some instances, you will not require retaining a litigation lawyer, but only need some simple advice or direction. Having these services available to you as part of a team, saves you time and money. It also lets you make the right choice the first time. In addition, other services provided by our commercial real estate law firm include, evicting tenants for non-payment or property destruction, or landlord & tenant disputes, and debt enforcement.

A Full Service Commercial Real Estate Law Firm In Calgary, Alberta

The commercial real estate law firm of Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta is here to help with all your legal needs. Once you find your real estate project, contact us to speak with one of our lawyers. Fast, friendly and cost effective solutions for your commercial law related needs. Feel free to reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 directly in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.