Calgary Lawyers Who Go To Court To Litigate For You

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Litigation Lawyers: Go to court for you.

Kahane Law Office has a general civil advocacy practice, offering particular experience in a wide variety of areas. Litigation, civil matter, to sue someone are all common words for this area of law. Whether you require assistance in respect of a dispute in the form of traditional court-based litigation, alternative dispute resolution models, such as arbitration and mediation, or administrative hearings, our lawyers have the skill, expertise and desire to represent you and your interests zealously. For litigation lawyers in Calgary, Alberta call us at 403-225-8810.

Our Calgary litigation law firm also understands the importance of you making a smart business / financial decision with respect to litigation. We will discuss your options and approximate costs. Often it is not possible to determine the full cost of litigation. As a litigation law firm, we have experience to give you a good idea of what to expect.

Litigation Lawyers Services Include:

Our team of litigation lawyers work with you no matter your legal situation. For example,we offer services in the following areas of litigation law:

How Our Litigation Lawyers Help

We subscribe to the general principle that litigation matters are most often handled best by local litigation lawyers. The reason for this is the simple reason that local counsel will generally better understand the vagaries of individual court office’s practices and the personalities of the judges who will be hearing and deciding those matters. As a result, we devote most of our time to acting on behalf of clients who require representation in Calgary, Alberta. However, we are prepared, in appropriate circumstances, to act for clients in respect of matters elsewhere in Alberta. If you would like to discuss a potential claim elsewhere in Alberta, please feel free to contact one of our lawyers to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of retaining local counsel as opposed to non-local counsel.

Remember, it is very important to openly communicate with your lawyer. For this reasons Solicitor privileged exits. Learn more about how solicitor and client privilege protects you and what you say to your lawyer.

Appearing In Various Courts

Our lawyers have appeared successfully at every level of Alberta courts from Provincial Court (AKA Small Claims Court) and the Court of Queen’s Bench to the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our lawyers have also acted to assist counsel in other jurisdictions with respect to litigation that has an Alberta dimension to it. As a result, we have a breadth of experience upon which we might draw in serving you and your particular needs, and in crafting a litigation plan best suited to your claim and your budget.

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More Cost Effective Litigation Lawyer

Our team of Calgary and Edmonton litigation lawyers work to save you money where need to sue or face a lawsuit against you. Not only do they offer a variety of flat rate options, but the work together as a team. This means that you benefit from a lower hourly rate lawyer when that works best. We also allow for you to draw on the knowledge and experience of 20 year plus veteran lawyers when that is needed. This approach to law works better for our clients. Call us to learn more!

Alternatives To Litigation

Our litigation lawyers have also successfully represented clients in negotiation, mediation and arbitration proceedings, both as part of an overall litigation process, and as an alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. These types of proceedings are often significantly less costly than traditional courtroom litigation, and have an excellent track record in terms of obtaining a satisfactory resolution of many disputes. If you think that your matter might lend itself to one of these forms of alternative dispute resolution, or are not sure if one of them is right for you, we invite you to speak to one of our knowledgeable lawyers about it.

In additional to regular trial work, we receive from calls from clients with issues with their regulatory body. We represent clients in proceedings before administrative tribunals, and in particular before professional disciplinary bodies. Our litigation legal team stands ready, willing and able to assist our clients with any such matters that may arise for them.

Protecting Your Claim: Alberta Time Limitations

As we have a general litigation practice, new issues and types of matters cross our desks on an almost daily basis, so our experience base is always expanding. We therefore invite you to contact one of our lawyers to find out if we have experience in the area of law in respect of which you require representation. PLEASE REMEMBER: that there are limitation periods that will apply to you, meaning you lose your ability to litigate. It is really very important to call as soon as you know you have a claim. This gives us enough time to contact the other lawyer or party and ensure that you are not noted in default. This means you lose even before you get to court.

We look forward to your call, and hope that we will be able to help you, as we have helped our other clients. We offer exceptional value.

Getting Help From Litigation Lawyers In Calgary

To schedule a consultation with a member of our litigation law team to discuss your situation, please contact our experienced team at Kahane Law Office. If you are looking to sue someone or have been sued (or expect to be sued) our Calgary, Alberta lawyers can help. You can connect with us at 403-225-8810 or reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.