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You Are Not Alone in Appeal Court.

Court of Appeal lawyers in our Calgary office are experienced in appeal matters. The Court of Appeal is the highest court in Alberta. The only Court of a higher jurisdiction is the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our Court of Appeal Clients

Our client base for appeals includes our own clients as well as clients previously represented by other lawyers. Our Court of Appeals lawyers are able to sit with you to determine if you have a valid matter to bring in front of this higher court. As the Court of Appeal only sits in Calgary and Edmonton, we are able to service clients from outside the Calgary area. All appeal mattes relating to southern Alberta (essentially Red Deer south) are heard in Calgary.

What Can Be Appealed in Alberta

The Alberta Court of Appeal is not a forum for re-arguing a matter because you believe that the lawyer at the original trail did not do a good job. The Court of Appeal is a court that is looked to when a client believes that the original trial judge made a mistake. The mistake may be an error in determining the fact s of a case. In other instances, the error may be that the trial judge did not apply the appropriate law in the circumstances.

From Which Other Courts can you Appeal

The appellate court is set to hear matters form lower courts. These include:

Appellate Lawyers

The Court of Appeal Lawyers at Kahane Law Office are able to appeal matters in our current areas of law. Having the experience in those areas plus the experience of appearing in front of an appeals court allows us to properly represent our clients. Our lawyers have experience of all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Alberta Court of Appeal Lawyers in Calgary

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