Identification Verification

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Identification Verification for Licensing Exams for Professionals

ID Verification for Professional Licensing Exams

When you are required to prove who you are but you are not physically in the same location of the person or body that needs the proof, it can be a challenge. If you require identification verification, or ID verification, we can help. If you require identification verification, call Kahane Law in Calgary, Alberta. We are here to help. Call today: 403-225-8810.

Type of Professional Standard Licensing Exams That Need ID verification

We are able to help with a variety of professional standard licensing exam identification verification. These include licensing exams for provincial, state, and different country:

Appointments For ID Verification

Due to the number of qualified individuals at our law firm, we are often able to accommodate drop in ID verification services. You may have to wait a few minutes for one of our lawyers to become available to validate your identification. Alternatively, if you want a specific time to have your identification verified, you can make an appointment. These appointments can be made same or next day if needed.

What You Need To Verify Your Identification

When you come in to verify your ID, you will need to bring a few things. We will be unable to verify your identification without original:

  • Form of verification required by the relevant professional standards body;
  • One piece of valid government issued photo identification (such as driver’s license, passport, permanent resident card, etc.); and
  • A second piece of valid identification with either a photo or signature (such as a social insurance card, bank issued credit card).

Certified True Copy Of Identification

If required, we are able to provide a certified true copy of your identification at no additional cost during your ID verification appointment. this involves us making a copy of the ID used in the identification verification process, stamping the copy with a declaration, signing and sealing the copy appropriately. Not all professional standards licensing organizations required a true copy but we are able to produce it as required.

Book Your Identification Verification Today

Do not delay. We are able to get you going on the next step of your professional licensing with your identification verification today. Fast friendly service, free parking and central location all at a low rate in Calgary Alberta. Call now: 403-225-8810 or email us directly here today.