What Is A Permanent Resident?

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Permanent residency lawyers: Become a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada uses the term permanent residency to identify status in Canada. Sometimes it is called being a landed immigrant. It means that a person has a special status in Canada. This Canadian immigration status allows a person to live, work and stay in Canada for as long as they want. They are a permanent resident of Canada. Immigration Canada wants you to understand this status. They are not considered Canadian citizens but they are allowed to live in Canada permanently. We can help you apply for your permanent resident status in Canada from anywhere in the world. If you are wanting to become a permanent resident of Canada, Call the team at Kahane Law Office in Calgary (403) 225-8810 or Edmonton (780) 571-8463.

How Lawyers Help With Permanent Residency Status Applications

Earning permanent resident status in Canada requires that applicants meet all requirements set out by the Canadian government. Immigration Canada controls who get residency in Canada to become a landed immigrant. As Canada has clear immigration priorities, our staff at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services can help make sure that your application meets the guidelines and requirements of the immigration priorities set out by the Canadian government.

What You Need For Permanent Resident Status

Canada values immigration. As a result, this is why there are so many landed immigrants here. Canada’s growth relied on landed immigrants for many years. People who become permanent residents, and then Canadian citizens, and go through the process become very valuable members of Canadian society. Canada also recognizes that people with permanent resident status also are an integral part of Canada’s economy and diverse social fabric. However, there are certain requirements which must be met in order to gain permanent resident status. Let our team help you with the application process to obtain permanent resident status. As a result, your permanent residency depends on you putting in your application properly.

Classes Of Permanent Residency (Landed Immigrant Categories)

In Canada, there are several categories of permanent residency or landed immigrant status. Eligibility to each program applies to different individuals based on their specific situation. Some individuals will be eligible for more than one program. We help determine which program offers the greatest chance of entry to Canada. For instance, these categories include:

Permanent Resident: Family Class

This category of permanent residency includes the sponsorship of a spouse or domestic partner, dependent children, parents, or other family members seeking permanent residency in Canada. This Link to family class permanent residency will take you to our page on Family class.

Permanent Resident: Economic Class

This category of permanent residency includes, for instance, those seeking permanent residency in Canada on the basis of employment or investor status. This link to economic Class permanent residency will take you to our page on economic class applications. This class of Canadian immigration is a popular one but the programs have very specific rules and guidelines.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Class

Lastly, humanitarian application and refugee claims are two separate categories. Anyone in Canada who is not otherwise inadmissible, may submit an humanitarian and compassionate grounds application. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications serve as an accompanying application in the event an applicant does not meet all the requirements for permanent residency. For example, a person in Canada who lacks eligibility for sponsorship because their partner has not complied with a previous sponsorship undertaking may still be eligible for PR under the humanitarian and compassionate grounds class if they have compelling reasons to remain in Canada, such as, Canadian children or will suffer excessive hardship of they were to return to their home country. However, the only type of applications that cannot request humanitarian and compassionate grounds exceptions are economic class applications.

The Express Entry Program For Permanent Residency

Becoming a permanent resident was once a more challenging process. The Canadian Government has an express entry program to become a permanent resident. This link outlines how we help with the express entry program. All government immigration programs have very specific rules, guidelines and procedures. The rules can be confusing. We help with full application or with one on one consultations to guide you in making your application on your own.

After Becoming A Permanent Resident

Once successful in obtaining permanent resident status, you may want to take that next step toward Canadian citizenship. Therefore, landed immigrants have the ability to apply for Canadian Citizenship. Full citizenship offers you more opportunities in Canada. Whatever class you are applying under, Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services can help you navigate the immigration process to get the result you desire in the most time and cost-effective manner.

Lawyer To Help With Permanent Residency Status In Canada

Moving to Canada or becoming a permanent resident is an exciting step in people’s lives. We help so, if you want to become a landed immigrant and, call the experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services now. Because it is best to apply correctly the first time, we can be reached at (403) 225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta or (780) 571-8463for our Edmonton Office or email us directly here.