Calgary Divorce Lawyers

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Divorce Lawyers

Calgary divorce lawyers and those throughout Alberta face specific challenges. Another name for these types of lawyers is divorce attorneys. The breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult time. It is filled with a roller coaster of emotions, new challenges, and obligations you likely never previously considered. While Calgary divorce lawyers are hired to deal with the legal issues surrounding divorce, they often also address emotional and personal issues with respect to moving forward with your life. Please click here to learn more about divorces in Alberta.

If you are not married but are undergoing a common law separation, please click here to learn more. The divorce lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta, are sensitive to not only the legal aspects to divorce, but the emotional and financial aspects too. Call today for help: 403-225-8810

Why Kahane Law As Divorce Lawyers

As a firm we pride ourselves on exceptional service. That is easy to say and more difficult to prove. Over the years third parties recognized the excellent service offered by Kahane Law Office divorce lawyers. This includes the Top Choice Awards as the Top Family Law Firm in Calgary. This means that if your personal situation is a contested divorce with disputed claims, uncontested divorce (desk divorce), a simple divorce or a joint divorce, we help and deliver great service. We even provide a free guide to preparing for separation.

Types Of Relationships Divorce Lawyers Deal With

The Divorce lawyers at Kahane Law Office assist with a variety of divorces. We act for you during your divorce if you are in a traditional or a same-sex marriage. In both cases, there are legal issues to deal with regarding the division of your life together.

Legal Issues Divorce Lawyers Deal With

Divorce forces you to confront many issues. Our divorce lawyers help you with each of them. If you have a legal question about your relationship, your options and potential future scenarios, connect with us. For example, and this is not an exhaustive list, the issues we regularly deal with include:

Division of your matrimonial property during divorce

People experience challenges dividing up their matrimonial assets. Divorcing couples must separate the property acquired during the relationship. This process differs for married couples versus common law couples. We help you understand you rights with respect to matrimonial property during divorce. This includes assets that either party owned prior to entering into the relationship. In addition, we look at any assets, including exempt assets, that increase in value during the course of the marriage.

Division of debt during divorce

Divorce lawyers in Calgary and Edmonton help you to separate your things during divorce. Sometimes dividing assets is easy. However, debts include a tougher approach. Our family lawyers help you determine who needs to assume any family debts incurred during the time of your marriage. We also look at debts that each party brought into the relationship. A key step in the separation and divorce process requires a close look at the debts incurred before, during and after the relationship or marriage.

Spousal support after divorce

Entitled to spousal support when divorcing often exists for one of the divorcing parties. Many factors come into consideration in determining entitlement to Spousal Support. Further, many similar factors come into play in determining the amount of the payments and for the length of time payments occur for. Learn more about spouse support here.

Child Support during separation and divorce

Children of divorcing couples have a right to child support. The right is that of the child and not the parent. Divorce lawyers help parents understand the amount of child support payments, and the payment by which party. We also help parents when financial situations change and the payments require a change, higher or lower, to fit into current legal guidelines.

Divorce lawyers helping decide custody/parenting matters

Divorcing couples must decide where the children of the marriage will live following divorce. This is referred to as child custody and access. The will also have to decide who has access to the children when and who makes medical and educational decisions for your children. Divorce lawyers help you understand your rights, your children’s rights and how to best approach these negotiations.

Divorce Lawyers Understand the Difficulty of Divorce

Unfortunately, life does not take a time out when divorce occurs. Your regular obligations in life continue. People expect you to perform as efficiently as ever. Children, family members and the people you work with expect your usual day to day self. On top of this, new obligations and circumstances come up which you must deal with. Our divorce lawyers at Kahane Law Office understand the complexities of marriage breakdown. They also are familiar with the entitlements and obligations which arise from separation and divorce. Learn why separation agreements are important here.

The Process Divorce Lawyers Help With

The divorce lawyers at Kahane Law Office can assist you with the divorce process. With everything going on, know that we are happy to explain as much as you need to feel comfortable with the process. Process wise, the official legal divorce starts with a Statement of Claim. The process often starts by filing for divorce, or responding to a spouse’s claim for divorce. Divorce lawyers can also assist with things such as:

Where to File For Divorce

While divorces are dealt with on a provincial level, with any divorce in Canada, lawyers have to send for a federal certificate. This is a federal office that makes sure that a divorce action is not started in more than one province at the same time. It also prevents forum shopping. Each province will have its own requirements to determine if you are eligible to file for divorce in that province.

Uncontested Divorces (Desk Divorces)

If you want a divorce and have no issues in dispute you may apply for a uncontested divorce. As there are no outstanding issues, there will not be any court appearances. The application to the courts will be signed off on by the judge just in their office. This reflects why these divorces are called desk divorces as a judge signs them at his or her desk. Uncontested divorces save you time, emotional headaches and money. Learn more about uncontested divorces here.

Getting The Help You Need Form A Divorce Lawyer

Consulting an experienced divorce lawyer when your relationship has broken down will help you understand the process and what to expect. The divorce lawyers at Kahane Law Office understand the complexities of family law in Alberta. We offer exceptional value. Our family law team can help whether you are a married, common law, or non-traditional couple. Let us help you understand your rights, and work toward a solution if your relationship has broken down. Knowing your situation clearly, from a legal perspective, helps reduce the stress associated with the end of a marriage or relationship.

To schedule a consultation with a member of our divorce law team to discuss your entitlements and obligations in a divorce, please contact our experienced team at Kahane Law Office. You can reach us in Calgary, Alberta at 403-225-8810 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.