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Save Money on Divorce Attorneys

When you have an interview with divorce attorneys there are several things that you need to remember to bring. In most cases, clients are interested in keeping their costs down when dealing with divorce attorneys. The only “cheap” divorce is when everything is 100% agreed upon by both parties. Being organized and prepared is the best way to do this. The divorce attorneys at Kahane Law Office in Calgary are respectful of your need to keep costs manageable. Call now 403-225-8810.

How Divorce Attorneys Bill Their Fees

In other words, people ask, “what does a divorce cost?”. This is the most common question that we get asked. Typically, most divorce Attorneys bill their fees based on time. What this means is, the total cost of your divorce directly corresponds to the time your divorce Attorney spends working on your file. The only economical divorce is when everything is 100% agreed upon by both parties. While we cannot give an exact dollar figure as to what your divorce will cost, we can provide you with a few tips that you can use to help keep your legal fees manageable.

How To Keep Divorce Attorneys Fees Cheaper

Here are a number of things you should consider in keeping your divorce attorneys fees down. The way of doing this is coming to a quick and easy agreement with your spouse. In reality, that is not always possible. These suggestions are for all divorce situations.

Limit Your Emails and Phone Calls

Many people will call divorce attorneys several times a day. Consider drafting one email with all your questions. Keep your questions brief and to the point. Our divorce attorneys are there for you when you need them, however this is meant to keep your cost lower.

Preparing for your first meeting

Similarly to going to your accountant, when you meet with your divorce attorney, you will keep your costs down if you are prepared and organized. When you come to your meeting in our Calgary law office please have the following:

Here is what you will need to bring to your first meeting:

  • 2 valid pieces of government ID (e.g., driver’s license, birth certificate, health insurance card, or passport);
  • In divorce we always need an original marriage certificate. If lost, please order a replacement. This link works for information on Alberta Marriage certificates;
  • A recent photo of your spouse. This is for service of the statement of claim for divorce. There can be other people in the photo, but it must be clear, and your spouse must be recognizable;
  • Any previous court orders;
  • Any previous marriage agreements such as separation agreements, cohabitation agreements prenuptial agreements; and lastly
  • Income information regarding both you and your spouse. (Income, assets, and debts.)

Have a strong support system in place

Divorce is a journey not to be taken alone. While there is no doubt that you may feel isolated in your experience and emotions, there are several options and resources to help make sense of the situation. Most often the first people to hear about your divorce is your friends and family. Most often, they have a desire to want to help but are unsure of what to do, say or how they can help. Assign a point person to check in on you every so often, your physical well being is equally important as your mental.

Entrust a friend that will be respectful of your boundaries and mindful of giving you too much of their own opinions. Not everyone will respond to the news of your divorce with compassion. Look outside of your circle of friends and family. Find a divorce support group within your local area, they are a great resource for connecting with others who are going thru a similar experience or hire a divorce coach. Seek out professional help. Schedule an appointment to see a counselor or psychologist. These suggestions are much less expensive than venting to your lawyer.

Documents to bring divorce attorneys

Both parties to a divorce have to disclose all financial matters to the other party. Divorce attorneys and the courts in Calgary may require more but the starting point is the following documents. Our lawyers required these documents for divorce, any divorce related agreements or independent legal advice.

  • Your most recent Notices of Assessments and tax returns (for the last three years);
  • Statements for any investments and debts (last 6 months);
  • Your most resent pay stubs (for last three years);
  • list of expenses related to childcare, health related, schools (elementary and post-secondary) and extracurricular expenses;
  • Your most recent bank statements. Bring the last 6 months worth for all bank accounts including business, personal and joint;
  • A household monthly budget based on the last 6 months;
  • Your most recent credit card statements. Try to bring last 6 months worth for all credit cards including business, personal and joint;
  • Pension statements (last 6 months);
  • Your most recent financial statements regarding businesses where either party has more than 1% interest (for last three years); and lastly
  • A list of all property you and your spouse owned before the marriage, inherited before or during the marriage, or was received as a gift or personal injury insurance to one party.

Missed Appointments And Timeliness

Life happens. We understand that. Please arrive on time for your appointments. If you know you will be late, please notify your divorce attorney’s assistant immediately. Further, if you find yourself double booked and it looks like you will miss you appointment, please let us know as soon as you can.

Alternative Divorce Attorney Billing

In order to offer security and transparency to our clients, we always attempt to offer fixed fees. This allows you to know your financial costs before committing to a lawyer. We offer flat rate fees on some services offered by our Calgary divorce attorneys. Click here to see our Flat rate fees.

Why Kahane Law Divorce Attorneys

As a firm we pride ourselves on exceptional service. That is easy to say and more difficult to prove. Our performance for our clients shows. Receiving the Top Choice Awards as the Top Family Law Firm in Calgary was a third party evaluation and reflection on our level of service. We serve clients at both the Provincial Family Court level and well as the Court of Queen’s Bench: Family Law Division.

To schedule a consultation with one of our divorce attorneys to discuss your family law entitlements and obligations, please contact our experienced Calgary office team at Kahane Law Office. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or 403-225-8810 locally. Also, for fast service, please email us directly here.