Sending Cease & Desist Letters In Calgary

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Cease & Desist Letters: A low cost first step to solve problems.

Many people find themselves in situations where a third party (someone else) is doing something that they should not or doing something that is harmful to them. People find themselves angry, frustrated and lost as to how to solve the problem. While many times you need to go to court, that process can be expensive and takes a long time to see results. The first step that should always occur first is sending a cease and desist letter. Often they solve the problem quickly and inexpensively. The cease & desist letter lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta draft and send a letter for you at an affordable rate.

What Is A Cease & Desist Letter?

A cease and desist letter is a letter that asks someone to stop doing something. At times, people call these letters “demand letters“. The lawyer is demanding something in the letter. We send them to both people or companies, as appropriate. As noted above, a cease & desist letter is often the first step in a series of actions. The letter is often very direct and to the point. Lastly, cease and desist letters often threaten legal action.

Types Of Letters Our Law Firm Helps With

The Cease & desist lawyers at Kahane Law Office help with a variety of cease and desist letters. We never forget how important your matter is to you. People’s matters vary as much as specific legal situations vary. For example, these include demanding that someone cease and desist from:

  • Slander;
  • Libel;
  • Defamation;
  • Harassing neighbour or condominium board;
  • Infringing on your copyright;
  • Someone using your trademark without consent;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Improper collections practices;
  • Infringing on non-solicitation agreement;
  • Trespassing;
  • Unauthorized use of your intellectual property;
  • Disruptive neighbours; and lastly
  • Infringing on non-competition agreement.

Why Send A Cease And Desist Letter?

Legal action to have someone stop doing something harmful to you or your company often includes a Notice of Motion where the court is asked to grant an order that orders the person to stop those harmful actions. Legal action often also includes a request of the court to grant an order for specific damages (monetary claims). The legal process is often very expensive and you are better served making an official request for the actions to stop. Consequently, a cease and desist letter is that first request. Almost every court claims requires sending a warning of suing in a advance of filing the lawsuit. Therefore, it only makes sense to make the most of this part of the process.

How Effective Are Cease And Desist Letters?

Cease and desist letters vary in terms of their effectiveness. There are a number of factors that will play a role in how effective these letters are. The most effective results often come when a person receives the letter sent by a lawyer. The reason for this is that it demonstrates to the other party that you are serious. The fact that you consulted with and retained a lawyer is significant. Often people think that it will not go further than a letter. This is because the cost and time for litigation can be high. But this is true for both sides and should be a good catalyst for settling issues outside of court.

While they do not always work, it is a step that you must take anyway. You can decide at any point that you do not want to take the matter further. In addition, our firm drafts these letters in a detailed manner that ensures the other party understands that case law supports your position.

Cost Of Lawyers Drafting These Letters

Why leave costs up in the air, not knowing what to expect of your final legal bill. Our firm often sets a flat rate for these letters. The flat rate may include time for the lawyer to negotiate when required. Other times, the firm merely sends the letter giving notice, or making a demand of the opposing party. Flat rates mean that you know what the letter costs, without ending up with a surprise bill. Call, or for a faster response by avoiding “phone tag”, email us for a quote for your specific situation. Lastly, if sending a letter makes no sense in your situation, we let you know.

It is important to note, however, that negotiating, drafting releases or sending other letters cost more than just sending the cease and desist letter. If a settlement stems from the delivery of the letter, then you incur no additional costs. If your lawyer requires time to perform the above noted services, extra costs apply for these services. We discuss these with you but we want to ensure that our clients understand this upfront.

Various Options At Flat Rates

We know that everyone has different needs and resources. When it comes to cease and desist letters, we offer a few options for people. The flat rate packages range in their offerings. In fact, we find that we rarely need to go outside of these choices for clients. The various packages include various components or steps. For example, you get to decide if we, or you do the following, in your package, after the initial letter is sent:

  • Negotiating with the other person or their lawyer;
  • Finalizing a proposal between you and the other party; and / or lastly
  • Draft a civil claim for filing with the courts.

Cease And Desist Lawyers In Calgary

Always try to get the results you want the quickest and least expensive way first. The lawyers at Kahane Law Office, in Calgary, Alberta help with drafting and sending a cease and desist letter on your behalf. Above all, your rights are important to protect. Fast exceptional service at a low cost is why you should call today. CONNECT TODAY! Please reach out to us. Email is often the fastest way for us to get back to you but feel free to call toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.