Estate Planning

Preparing & Protecting Your Estate For the Future

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Estate planning lawyers in Calgary

Estate planning lawyers help you prepare and plan for the future. While the adage that “nothing is certain but death and taxes” is true, it is often difficult for clients to think about and prepare for the future. The Estate Planning lawyers at Kahane Law Office are here to help you in a friendly, professional and comfortable way. We will work with you to make sure that all your estate planning needs are met at reasonable flat rate fees. For additional information we also offer legal information videos on wills and estates issues. Estate planning lawyers when you need them. Call 403-225-8810 today.

Estate Planning Legal Services Offered in Calgary

Our estate planning lawyers offer the following estate planning services:

Every Estate is Different

Our Calgary estate planning lawyers understand that every estate is different. Estates differ not just in terms of the amount of assets, but the types of assets and the people involved. We treat each client as an individual and strive to ensure that your estate planning needs are met. Our estate planning lawyers will help, guide, inform, and prepare you and your estate for the future.

What Does Estate Planning in Alberta Involve

There are several aspects to estate planning in Alberta. Our estate planning lawyers will guide you through each aspect of setting up your estate. Our comprehensive, multi-step approach ensures that all your assets are accounted for and your beneficiaries are prepared for the future. We can prepare you and your estate for not just your passing, but ensure that your estate is prepared to make life easier for you while you are alive and well and for any potential loss of capacity. Proper estate planning also involves looking at what not to do. This includes situations where adding a joint tenant to a home or bank account is a poor choice.

More Than Just Estates: Convenience and Cost Savings

As a full service law firm, our estate planning lawyers can work with our legal team to make sure that all aspects of your estate planning and ultimate estate administration are covered. As our law firm works as a team, if other areas of law are involved, you are not paying the costs associate with engaging two law firms. Due to the nature of estates, estate planning lawyers often work with:

  • Real estate lawyers to deal with property held by the estate
  • Family law lawyers to deal with potential spousal or common law partner disputes as well as the care of minor children
  • Litigation lawyers to deal with fighting over the estate
  • Corporate and/or employment lawyers to deal with managing and transitioning corporate assets

How Much Does Estate Planning Cost

Our estate planning law firm believes in your knowing what estate planning costs before you commit to use our services. To give you peace of mind when it comes to the cost of planning your estate, our estate planning lawyers bill most services on flat rate fees. Our transparency means that you can budget in advance and know you will not get a surprise invoice later.

The Cost of Failing to Prepare your Estate

Failing to prepare your estate, either with or without estate planning lawyers, can be costly. The Alberta Government suggests that everyone has some minimal estate planning in place. Without a comprehensive estate plan, you may be at risk for the following:

  • Your estate may not go to your chosen beneficiaries
  • Increased taxes
  • Minors receiving substantial funds on turning 18
  • Loss of or damage to businesses
  • Estate fighting or litigation
  • Increased cost of estate administration
  • Poor management of estate assets

Getting the Help of Estate Planning Lawyers

The estate planning lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta would be pleased to assist you in all your estate planning needs. With customized services, you can pick how much or how little we help with. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, 403-225-8810 locally or email us directly here.