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What Canadian Citizenship Means

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Canadian Citizenship: Why You Want It!

Being a Canadian citizen is different than being a landed immigrant or permanent resident. Getting Canadian citizenship, means that you are citizen of Canada. You have all the rights, duties and responsibilities of being Canadian. Living in one of the best counties in the world, inspires thousands to come to Canada. Kahane Law Office, in Calgary understands how important this is for both you and your family. What help? Call 1-877-225-8817.

How Permanent Residency Differs From Citizenship?

Several differences between permanent residency and full citizenship in Canada. As a permanent resident of Canada, you have the right to work, study, and receive government benefits in Canada for as long as you want. If you are not a permanent resident now, click here to learn more. There are additional benefits to getting citizenship in Canada.

Canadian Citizens Get A Canadian Passport

People with Canadian Citizenship have the ability to have and travel with a Canadian Passport . Canadian passports are recognized and respected the world over. Foreign governments often allow Canadian citizens to travel into and through their country with minimal impairment or restrictions. This means many countries do not require any visa for entry. In other countries it is just easier to get a visa. This is true throughout much of the world.

Canadian Citizenship Allows For Participation in Canadian Democracy

Anyone enjoying the benefit of a democracy should actively participate in it. This includes the right to vote in Canadian elections. Being a citizen of Canada is required for the right to vote and run for political office. This is not a right extended to permanent residents. This allows Canadian citizens to fully engage in Canadian civic life and help shape the country.

Freedom To Spend Time Away

Citizens of Canada have the ability to spend time outside of Canada without worrying about the length of your stay. Permanent residents / landed immigrants must consider how long they spend outside of Canada. If they spend too much time away from Canada they are at risk of losing their landed immigrant status. Sometimes, work, family or emergencies require a person to leave Canada. There are a number of rules around this. If a permanent resident, please read this information on maintaining your residency while living abroad.

Citizenship In Canada Means Stability

It is very difficult to remove a Canadian’s citizenship status. When a Canadian is convicted of a serious crime, they may face punishment but they retain their Canadian Citizenship. If a permanent residency commits a serious crime, they may have their status removed. This may lead to deportation.

Canadian Requirements For Citizenship

The first step to Canadian citizenship is to become a permanent resident or landed immigrant. The law changed so that acquiring citizenship is now easier. As a permanent resident, you are eligible to apply for naturalization and to become a Canadian Citizen. You must demonstrate that you have been a resident of Canada for three of the past four years in order to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Next, submitting an application for full citizenship. Our experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services can help you take that next step from permanent residency to Canadian citizenship.

Why Hire Immigration Lawyers For Your Citizenship Application

Immigration lawyers help many people in their applications for Canadian Citizenship. As such, they see many application and fix rejected applications when people apply on their own. Save time, money and enjoy the privileges of citizenship faster and easier. For example, the most common mistakes in applications include:

  • Missing information;
  • Incorrect information;
  • Unnecessary information; and lastly
  • Missing deadlines.

Lawyers Who Help With Canadian Citizenship

The process to apply for Canadian citizenship can be daunting and scary. You want to make sure that you do it right. Our experienced team can help you make sure that your application is in order prior to submitting it. This will allow for a quicker granting of Canadian citizenship than if it in not done correctly. It is important to remember that misstating anything on your Canadian citizenship application can have serious consequences. Our team understands this and is prepared to ensure your application is properly completed and filed, giving you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada we can help across Alberta and Canada due to the federal nature of immigration law. Contact the experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here today.