Start-Up Business Law

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Making New Businesses Fun! Start-Up Business Lawyers Make It Easy For YOU!

Start-Up Business Legal Services In Calgary, Alberta

You’ve have a new business idea or innovative product or service. Now what? A new start-up venture is exciting but also challenging. Often, as a founder, or part of a founding group, your resources are limited, in terms of start-up capital. It is very important to have trusted start-up business lawyers as legal advisers. Kahane Law Office, in Calgary, Alberta offers experienced based, cost efficient, structure to providing legal advice. Our start-up business lawyers have start-up business experience, and understand how to offer your business its best chance prospering. Our start-up business lawyers provide a range of legal services including many flat rate services, and will help you take your business to the next level 403-225-8810.

How Start-Up Business Lawyers Help Your New Business?

As a new business owner there are many things that you should be aware of. Start-up business lawyers guide and educate to ensure that your business gets off to a great start. Our start-up business lawyers have experience in both acting for businesses, running successful businesses and helping entrepreneurs. We help a variety of types of businesses start up. These include: trades, professionals, retail, wholesale, consultants, etc..

Examples of how Start-Up Business lawyers help your new business include:

  • Providing strategic advice on the direction of your business, and how to protect founders, officers and directors from liability;
  • Assisting in all legal aspects of your business plan;
  • Drafting corporate contracts to protect your business;
  • Helping determine your ongoing legal and financial requirements (including the types of funding that you will need, both in seed funding and ongoing investment) to make your business a success,
  • Educating to help you understand how to best commercially exploit your idea; and design the most efficient business structure and distribution method; and
  • Guiding to help choose an appropriate legal and capital structure for your business.

Start-up business lawyers also help with such things as drafting and negotiating shareholder agreements, intellectual property assignments, corporate governance, adding employees, creating equity incentive; raising capital, establishing franchised businesses, registering domain names and structuring outside investments.

Kahane Law Office’s “Start-Up Kit” Billing Structure

We understand the financial pressure that start-up businesses face. To help alleviate this pressure, the start-up business lawyers at Kahane Law created a flat rate “Start-Up Business Kit”. Call us now to discuss our fees and the program, which is specially designed for start-up business owners that give you the following:

  • NUANS search;
  • A one hour “kick-off meeting” with one of our small business / entrepreneurial lawyers to put together a corporate structure strategy;
  • Incorporation;
  • Creation of authorized shares with multiple classes;
  • Issuing share certificates;
  • Drafting corporate resolutions for starting small businesses;
  • Creating and organizing of a corporate minute book;
  • Preparation of a custom non-disclosure agreement the first year of incorporation;
  • Four half hour corporate lawyer consultations during your first year after incorporating (legal drafting of documents has additional flat rate charges);
  • First year no charge to act as registered office;
  • 10% discount on hourly rates for one full year for other services.

Learn more about how you get thousands of dollars of extra free value with our start up kit. If you want to learn more, please reach out to our team any time.

Finding Start-Up Business Lawyers In Calgary, Alberta

Want to start your new business venture off on the right foot? The start-up business lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary help with your start-up business legal needs. Understand what is involved on the legal side of protecting yourself from liability, potential capital gains, tax savings and more. We can be reached at 403-225-8810 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.