Low Cost / Flat Rate Options For Starting Small Businesses in Alberta

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Low Flat Rates With Added Value For Starting Small Businesses

Starting small businesses is exciting but also a bit scary. The costs associated with starting small businesses can seem overwhelming at times. The start-up business lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta take the fear out of the legal services required in starting small businesses. We know that entrepreneurs do not like unpredictable (or exuberant) legal fees. Low cost / flat rates for small business start-ups keep costs down and predictable. Call now 403-225-8810.

Introducing Flat Rate Low Cost Small Business Legal “Start-Up Kits”

Our clients like our flat rates because then they know their fees up front. No hourly charges. No surprises. Our flat rate start up kit gives even more value to small business owners wanting to incorporate. For our flat rate fees for named and numbered companies without a start up kit, use this link. For clients wanting to use a “Start-Up Kit” that gives them the following, call our office today:

  • Incorporation;
  • NUANS search;
  • Creation of authorized shares with multiple classes;
  • Creating and organizing of a corporate minute book;
  • Issuing share certificates;
  • Drafting corporate resolutions for starting small businesses;
  • Preparation of a non-disclosure agreement within one year of incorporation;
  • A full hour “kick-off meeting” with a small business / entrepreneurial lawyer to implement corporate structure strategy;
  • Four 30 minute corporate lawyer consultation during the first year after incorporating (legal drafting has additional flat rate charges);
  • 10% discount on hourly rates for one full year for other services (shareholders agreement, transactional, contracts, etc.);
  • First year no charge to act as registered office.

Why Incorporate Your New Small Business

There are many reasons to incorporate you new small business. Generally people starting small businesses want to incorporate for tax savings, tax deferrals and limiting some of their liability personally. To do this you have to properly follow the law for businesses. See this link for more information on the important advantages for small business owners to incorporate their small business.

Types Of Small Businesses We Help

Our corporate lawyers help many types of small businesses get off the ground. Some are professional service businesses but most are more diverse. Over the years, these included,

  • gas stations
  • landscaping businesses
  • franchises
  • daycares
  • retail and wholesale businesses
  • consulting businesses
  • And many, many more.

Thousands Of Dollars Of Legal Services Included In Incorporation Start Up Kit

People starting small businesses ask us to show them what free legal services are included in the small business legal start up kit. Most people do not know what they will need when they first incorporate. With our start up kit, you have the peace of mind that your lawyer is there for you when you need to meet with them to review your corporate situation. By purchasing your incorporation this way, you save money when you need legal direction. Having access to that legal direction can save you thousands, stress and time. All things that people tend to be short of when they are starting a new business. The kick off meeting alone, lets business owners determine what they need, in terms of legal services, and what services they do not need right away.

Military & Veteran Discounts

At Kahane Law Office we value the sacrifice and hard work that members of our Canadian Armed Forces make for each Canadian. We are happy to extend (learn more here) a military discount.

Lawyers For People Starting Small Businesses in Calgary, Alberta

We love to help people starting their new business. When you start your business, start it off right. Failing to can cost you time, money, stress and even the business itself. The start-up business lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary help with your start-up business legal needs. Low cost flat rate fees make starting a new small business that much easier. We can be reached at 403-225-8810 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 email us directly here.