Private Adoptions

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Private Adoption Lawyers in Calgary

Legally Adopting Children Privately in Alberta

Adoption lawyers lawyers at Kahane Law office, in Calgary, Alberta can assist in the area of private adoptions. This can be a complicated area of law that is often misunderstood. If, when finished reading, you need more information: Call 403-225-8810.

What are Private Adoptions?

A private adoption is one where an individual who wishes to be the parent of a child, applies to the court to become the legal parent of that child. Private adoption lawyers make these applications on your behalf. Due to the nature of private adoptions, it is important make the application properly.

Who Can Privately Adopt in Calgary, Alberta?

Almost anyone can privately adopt in Alberta in the right circumstance. Most often private adoptions are done by step-parents wishing to adopt their step-children.

Circumstances for Private Adoption in Calgary, Alberta

A step-parent may formally adopt a child with the consent of the child’s surviving birth parent(s) or legal guardians. Likewise, an adult who has the care of a child through private placement for a period of time may apply to adopt the child. This may be in circumstances

where the parent(s) has/have placed the child in the care of someone they know, such as grandparents, relatives, or friends. Please note that it is illegal to actively engage in the placement of children for adoption, unless you are a registered agency.

A person in the place of a parent may also apply for adoption of an adult, with the adult’s consent.

Private Adoptions Through Child Services

If you are seeking to adopt a child through child services you will need to contact the government agency in your jurisdiction. If you are seeking to adopt a baby from an unknown mother, you will need to apply through one of the following registered adoption agencies:

  • Adoption By Choice
  • Adoption Options
  • Christian Adoption Services
  • LDS Family Services

Private Adoption Lawyers: The Private Adoption Process

Adoption requires an application to the Court of Queen’s Bench, typically by way of desk application. A number of forms and documents are required. The private adoption lawyers at Kahane Law Office are able to assist you in the preparation of the necessary forms and documents, walk with you through the process, and answer your questions.

Hiring Private Adoption Lawyers in Calgary

To schedule a consultation with a member of our family law team to discuss your private adoption situation, please contact our experienced family law team at Kahane Law Office. You can reach us locally in Calgary at 403-225-8810 (toll-free at 1-877-225-8817), or email us directly here.