Stepparents Who Want To Adopt Their Stepchildren

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Stepparent Adoption: Meaningful, loving and legal aspects to this gift to a child.

There are times in a stepchild’s life where their stepparent becomes closer to being a birth parent for practical and emotional purposes. A very meaningful step that many people chose to take is stepparent adoption. Stepparent adoption allows the stepparent to legally be the parent of that child. Once a stepchild is adopted by the stepparent, the stepparent is treated, in law, no differently than a natural birth parent. If you have questions or are thinking of adopting your stepchild, call us today in Calgary, Alberta. The adoption lawyers at Kahane Law can help answer your questions. 403-225-8810.

Why People Decide On Stepparent Adoption

The biggest factor in deciding to adopt a stepchild is love. There are also many practical considerations that people take into account prior to stepparent adoption. Special permission for travel, medical decisions or making education related decisions will no longer be required. The word “step” will no longer be appropriate to describe the relationship between parent and child as they will legally be a parent. The process of adopting a stepchild really makes a legal and emotional difference in bringing a blended family together.

Ending Birth Parent Rights

When a stepparent adopts a child in Alberta, the birth parent is affected. After stepparent adoption the birth parent loses all their right, duties and responsibilities for that child. This means that they will have no further legal standing with respect to making decisions for, spending time with, or being responsible to the child. It should also be noted that one the birth parents rights are terminated, this also ends any rights that the grandparents’ (through that birth parent) rights will also be terminated.

Stepparents Take On Full Parental Rights

Once a stepparent adopts a stepchild, they are that child’s parent. This means that now have full parental rights, duties, responsibilities, and obligations. Legally, they will be treated no differently than a birth parent. These legal obligations to the child are very important to understand. Only a lawyer can give you legal advice in Alberta as to your legal responsibilities.

Grounds Required To Terminate Birth Parent Rights

There are a number of grounds that are required to be met in order to terminate the rights of a birth parent and allow stepparent adoption. In order to make an application for a stepparent adoption, you must be able to demonstrate that for a significant time:

  • The birth parent has abandoned the child being adopted;
  • The birth parent fails to emotionally support the child being adopted;
  • The birth parent fails to financially support the child being adopted;
  • The birth parent knows that the perspective adoptive step parent has stepped into the shoes of being a parent to their child;
  • The stepparent adoption is in the child’s best interest.

If you are unable to prove the above, then stepparent adoption will only be allowed with the direct consent of the birth parent.

Help For Stepparents Adopting Stepchildren in Calgary

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