Commissioner For Oaths Services

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Calgary Commissioner for Oaths

Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta is happy to provide commissioner for oaths services. Each weekday, we assist several client with this service. Our goal is to prove timely, effective reasonable prices services to each of our clients. Our team of lawyers and paralegals are all commissioners for oaths. This means that our law firm has about 25 commissioner for oaths available for you.

What Is A Commissioner For Oaths?

A commissioner for oaths is an individual who is authorized under the Notaries and Commissioners Act. These positions are regulated by the Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General. They must be at least 18 years of and a Canadian citizen (or permanent resident) who lives in Alberta. Obviously the individual requires appointed as a commissioner for oaths by the Province of Alberta. In some instances, the Province deems them to be one by virtue of one of the designated persons listed in the Act.

What Does A Commissioner For Oaths Do?

Simply put, a commissioner for oaths administered oaths. This means that they can receive or take declarations, statutory declarations, affidavits or affirmations to be used in Alberta or other provinces (or states/countries) that recognize Alberta commissioner for oaths. This is not the same position as a notary public. Lastly, many documents types of documents require signing with individuals with other titles, such as acceptance agents when dealing with the united States IRS.

How A Commissioner Differs From A Notary

We have more information of the differences between a notary and a commissioner here. Many differences between the two positions exist. For example, these are a few of the key differences:

  • It is easier to become a Commissioner than a notary;
  • More positions, such as judges, police officers and political positions, by nature of their position may act as a commissioner; and lastly
  • Only a notary can certify and attest to a document being a certified true copy.

Commissioner For Oaths Services At Kahane Law

As Kahane Law Office has so many commissioner for oaths, we are happy to provide these services by appointment or drop in service. Each one of our lawyers and paralegals provide these services at our office. At times, our drop in clients need to wait for the availability of a commissioner, if they are on the phone or in a meeting. Generally this wait is less than 20 minutes. We also understand that many people prefer to avoid waiting. Our receptionists happily set up an appointment for you in our Calgary office. To make things even easier, our office is centrally located with lots of free parking. A not downtown location, makes things much easier in terms of parking, traffic and ease of access. Lastly, for an additional cost, we have mobile service where we send someone to your location to help execute the required documents.

Cost Of This Service

As with many services at Kahane Law Office, we offer these services at a reasonable flat rate. Our regular rate is $65+GST for the first document, and then subsequent documents cost of $25+GST. We offer discounted fees for large volume (over 10) service, when signing off on them at the same appointment. We also offer reduced fees for members of the Canadian Military and existing clients that are at out office for an appointment on another matter at the same time. Some employers have an agreement with our office for reduced pricing on legal services. Please do not hesitate to ask, if you are eligible for a reduced fee.

Need to become a commissioner for oaths? We can help with the application and testing.

Setting Up A Commissioner For Oaths Appointment In Calgary

To schedule an appointment with one of our commissioner for oaths, please contact our team at Kahane Law Office. We also offer walk-in or while-you-wait service. We understand that timing often is a key issue for people so we make the process quick and easy. To ensure the ability to provide prompt service to you, we need to know the nature of the agreement. This is because some documents require more than a commissioner to sign in front of. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.