commissioner for oaths testing

Guide to become a commissioner for oaths with commissioner for oaths testing

Become A Commissioner For Oaths: Test Required

A commissioner for oaths is an individual who is appointed by the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General in Alberta. The Notaries And Commissioners Act is the Alberta legislation that sets this out. Becoming a commissioner for oaths allows someone to administer oaths and solemn declarations.

This is different than being a Notary Public. For example, a notary public is able to certify true copies, completing documents, etc.  Commissioner for oaths testing to becoming a commissioner for oaths is a key step to be able to administer oaths and solemn declarations. If you need a test in Calgary, or Edmonton, email or call Kahane Law Office and set up your appointment.

How To Become A Commissioner For Oaths

The Government of Alberta has a free commissioner for oaths information and instructions guide. This guide has all the instructions for how to become a commissioner for oaths. It is also the material that  you will need to study for your test. commissioner for oaths testing is done by a lawyer to make sure that you understand the role and responsibility involved with being a commissioner for oaths. The commissioner for oaths testing will also ensure that you are properly able to administer an oath and solemn declaration.

What Do I Bring To The Commissioner For Oaths Testing?

When you go to the lawyer for your commissioner for oaths testing, you need to bring two pieces of ID. One must be government issued, with a photo, such as a driver’s license or passport. You also need to bring in your commissioner for oaths application form. The form comes with the book. We need it because the lawyer needs to sign and seal it. You can request the form from:

Official Documents and Appointments
Suite 111, 9833 – 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5K 2E8
Phone:  (780) 427-5981
E-mail: [email protected]

How To Get Ready For The Test?

The most important thing to get ready for your commissioner for oaths test is to study the guide. The guide includes all the key aspects of administering your role. The book is short. Ideally you memorize the book but most important is to understand the whole process from start to finish. In addition, please memorize the specific language quoted in the book for when you administer an oath or statutory declaration. If you are not able to successfully pass the test, you will need to re-book for another day to have the commissioner for oaths test re-administered to you.

What You Should Study For Your Test:

When you study for the test, be sure to understand the entire guide. Specifically, prepared to:

  • understand your role and responsibility as a commissioner;
  • understand your limitations as a commissioner;
  • administer an oath (know the exact language by heart);
  • administer a solemn declaration (again, memorize the exact language);
  • make changes to documents if there is an error; and lastly
  • know how to deal with the various scenarios contemplated in the study guide.

After The Test

Once you successfully passed the test, the next step is to send the application form to the government. You also require a Commissioner for Oaths stamp. You use this each time you sign your name as a commissioner. Ideally, the stamp includes a blank on the year (IE 20__) to extend the useful life of the stamp.

How Do I Book Commissioner For Oaths Testing?

If you are looking to become a commissioner for oaths, Kahane Law Office in both Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta is able to administer commissioner for oaths testing. We administer the test in a relaxed manner but you need to study to pass. We are usually able to have you in for testing within a day or two of calling or emailing us. Email often allows for a quicker booking process for scheduling a time. If you are interested in booking a testing session, call us at (780) 571-8463 for an Edmonton Test and 403-225-881o for a Calgary test or email us directly here.