Employment Lawyers Who Protect Employers And Employees On Employment Issues

Employment lawyers protect both employers and employees. In most circumstances, employment lawyers only protect either one side or the other, but not both. This is due to a conflict of interest as between employer and employee. As part of helping their clients, they assist in a variety of way. Read more, however, if you face a legal issue with respect to a workplace situations, email or call the employment team at Kahane Law Office in Calgary. We offer fast efficient service at reasonable flat rates for many matter so to know the cost to you before committing to move forward.

Types Of Issues Addressed By Employment Lawyers

Our law firm offers complete employment law services. They know the Employment Standards Code inside and out. We assist clients from the first moment they need, or sign a contract for employment right to the end when the relationship between employee and employer terminates. Connect if you want to know if and how we help, however, we most often can. For example, we assist clients with:

Drafting Employment Contracts

Our employment lawyers draft contracts that set out a contractual workplace relationship. Most often, we draft them for the business. Our employment agreements set out many standard terms that people leave out of agreements unintentionally. Each one is custom drafted for a particular workplace situation. Employment contracts protect both employees and employers.

Drafting Contract Worker Agreements

In addition to drafting contract for employees, we also draft contracts for contract workers. These agreements must contain proper provisions that govern the relationship and must clearly set out, in many ways, that the relationship between the parties is not an employment one. Once again, these agreements protect both parties to the agreement.

Workplace Policy Drafting

In order to avoid issues, all businesses need workplace policies. The nature and variety of policies depend largely on the type of business. Business with safety hazards, often require more specific policies, however even office type businesses require them to protect themselves and their employees. A well drafted workplace policy sets out the expectations on employees. For example, these may include cannabis use policies, computer use policies, internet use policies and anti-harassment policies.

Severance Packages Review and Drafting

One of the common calls we receive is at the end of a employment relationship. Our employment lawyers review the working history, explain settlement options and draft severance agreements. In addition, we act for employees to review and  fight for the amount offered in a severance settlement. Reviewing severance packages takes time, however we provide this service on a flat rate so you know your cost for the review before you commit.

Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal involves situations where business treats an employee so poorly, or where they change their job to be something so different from what it was, that the courts deem that the business effectively fire the person from their position. For example, abusive behavior is a reflection the first scenario. Examples of the second type of constructive dismissal include, fundamentally changing the job, reducing pay or demoting a person.

For Cause Termination

For cause termination occurs when a company, with evidence, shows a valid reason for terminating the working relationship with that person. Strict rules apply to these terminations therefore we advise speaking with a employment lawyer to ascertain your ability to terminate for cause. Due to these rules, we also advise that employees terminated for cause, should consult with a lawyer to determine if the termination is actually for cause. If not, we assist in negotiating or litigating for termination pay.

Employment Lawyers For Employment Litigation

At times, when negotiating termination pay or severance pay, the company and the employee, no deal is reached. In this instance, our employment litigation lawyers, step in to bring the matter to court. Often, once we file the claim, the other side understands the seriousness of our client’s position. This allows for a negotiated settlement. Other times, we take the matter through a full trial.

Finding The Best Employment Lawyer For You

Not every employment lawyer is the best employment lawyer for you. Everyone has differing priorities. When  deciding the best employment lawyer for you, many factors come into play. For example, think about:

  • Personality (serious vs lighter);
  • Percentage of their practice focused on the area of law you need help with;
  • Location;
  • Fee structure;
  • Reputation;
  • Level of service; and lastly
  • Anything specifically important to you!

Our Calgary Employment Lawyers

Chadwick Newcombe; litigation lawyer Chad Newcombe

Chad, as the most senior of our litigation team, deals with a variety of litigation issues. As one of our employment litigators, he generally takes on more challenging employment litigation files. In his personal life, he volunteers in both legal related matters but also in the arts. He is passionate about everything he does. Feel free to learn more about Chad and his litigation practice here.

kim holland; kimberley holland; litigation lawyer; calgary barrister Kim Holland

Kim Holland articled at Kahane Law Office. After a brief journey to practice in British Columbia,  Kim came back to both Calgary and the firm. She loves her role as a litigation lawyer and not only works as one of our employment lawyers but deals with most of the employment related litigation at the firm. This means, that if a matter goes to court, she is usually the one appearing in court on the employment law matter. More information about Kim and her employment and litigation work is available here.

Connecting With Our Employment Lawyers

Whether you have a specific deadline or general question about your legal position feel free to connect today. Our team of employment lawyers help clients with all aspect of employment law issues. Delaying risks losing rights, opportunities or allowing matters to worsen. Most issues we deal with, are resolvable if addressed immediately. Email or call today.  403-225-8810 or email today to contact us.