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Protect Your Company: An Internet Use Policy Sets Out Expectations

Drafting Internet Use Policies

Corporate policies help to protect companies. They are a written statement of the rules that employees must follow and how things should be done in the corporate environment. They are very important part of managing a company. An internet use policy discourages the misconduct and inappropriate use of the internet in a professional or corporate environment. It may also be used to protect the ownership of information obtained by your business using third party websites, such as social media platforms.

Typical Internet Use Policy Terms

The terms of an internet use policy often vary by business. However, most will state that users agree to refrain from certain activities. For example, most businesses forbid the following actions:

  • Visiting websites that contain pornographic, hateful, racist or other unacceptable forms of content;
  • Infecting corporate software with viruses or malware;
  • Downloading inappropriate or irrelevant content;
  • Using the internet to publish discriminatory, hateful or other inappropriate content on blogs or social media platforms;
  • Hacking into unauthorized areas to obtain private information;
  • The sharing of any private or confidential information or data;
  • Publishing private or confidential information relating to the company or business; and lastly
  • Use the internet for personal reasons without permission.

Restrictions On Employee Privacy

An internet use policy also states that the company providing internet use has the right to monitor how it is used at anytime. Depending on the nature of business, the implications of this or any other policy misconduct by an employee may be grounds for suspension or termination. This information may or may not be included in your policy.

Why Internet Use Policies Are Needed

Having one of these policies in place ensures your protection against actions that can otherwise have a detrimental impact on your business. It helps avoid problems by setting out expectation in advance. It also allows for an easier dismissal if someone breaches the policy as the expectations and consequences of breach will be clearly set out in writing. The terms and conditions of your policy are best drawn up by an internet use policy lawyer. This prevents errors and loopholes. In addition, the document setting out your company’s policy should be signed by each employee or internet user. The provides proof of delivery to each employee.

If your company lacks an internet use policy in place, you may find yourself dealing with legal matters down the road as you essentially have no online or computer use regulations in place. Should a situation arise where you feel the terms of appropriate internet use have been violated by an employee or other internet user, you will not have a legal document to defend your case.

Why A Lawyer Should Draft Your Corporate Policies

While an internet use policy can seem like a standard, generic legal document, all businesses operate differently and will have different terms and conditions required to protect their company’s environment and information. Therefore, the commands will vary from business to business. This is why it’s recommended to have a lawyer consult with you on how to draw it up.

Calgary Internet Use Corporate Policy Lawyers

Our corporate lawyers enjoy helping their clients. Part of helping them, involves protecting them and their business. We work with you to set your business up for success. The Internet Use policy lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta can help with drafting, and implementing your company’s internet use policy. Call us today! 403-225-8810 or email us directly here.