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Copyright Protection Lawyers

Understanding Canadian Copyright law

Copyright law is an often misunderstood aspect of intellectual property. Copyright lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta help people across Canada understand their rights. This protects them and what they have created.

What is Copyright Law in Canada?

Copyright is a set of laws that protects what an individual has created. Copyright lawyers use copyright law that comes from both the common law and the Copyright Act in Canada. Copyright has to be an original expression to be protected.

What Types of Work do Copyright Lawyers Protect?

The following are all examples of work protected under copyright law, if an original expression:

Written Works Copyright Protection in Canada

Written works include books, short stories, plays, movie scripts and descriptive paragraphs. It is any original expression put into words or writing no matter the language.

Music and Musical Works Copyright Protection in Canada

This includes written works such as lyrics and sheet music as well as recorded music. Music includes both the sounds as well as the sung words.

Architectural Drawings Copyright Protection in Canada

Any drawings are protected by copyright laws. In Canada, copyright protects architectural drawings, blueprints, designs and renderings. Our Calgary based copyright lawyers can help with both hand drawn and computer generated copyright protection across Canada.

Computer Software Copyright Protection in Canada

Computer software is written code. Copyright protection extends to include original expression (original computer programs) that are created in any computing language. This protection extends to websites and source code. Speak to one of our copyright lawyers today to learn more.

Artistic renderings Copyright Protection in Canada

Artistic renderings include sculpted art, drawings, paintings, photographs, and any other variety of visual art. Note that copyright law in Canada also protects performance works even if not written down or recorded.

How do you get Copyright Protection under Canadian Law?

Copyright in an original expression is automatic. You do not have to do anything but create an original work. The issue becomes when proving that a work is original and enforcing against copyright infringement. To further protect your copyright interest, our copyright lawyers can register your original expression.

Copyright Litigation in Calgary, Alberta

Has someone stolen your copyright intellectual property? If so, our copyright litigation team can help.

Why Register You Copyright Interest

Registering a copyrighted work makes proceeding against a copyright infringement easier. Registration does the following:
Ӣ Allows for easier proof that copyright exists in the work
Ӣ Confirms when copyright existed as against later produced works
Ӣ May allow for criminal prosecution of copyright violators