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Criminal Lawyers in Calgary

When accused with a crime, many people do not know what to do. Even when they understand the importance of finding a Calgary criminal lawyer, they do not know who to turn to.

Picking a Criminal Lawyer in Calgary

When picking a criminal lawyer in Calgary, it is important to find someone knowledgeable in criminal law. Ideally, the criminal lawyer has run several trials in relation to the specific charge that you have been charged with. At Kahane Law Office we work in association with an association of lawyers to make sure you get the representation you deserve.

Why Hiring a Criminal Lawyer is Important

If you are convicted of a criminal offense, the consequences can be both severe and long lasting. You may not only go to jail or prison but you may lose your job, not be able to be hired for a job and may be barred from traveling to foreign countries, including the United States. Further, you may not be able to get bonded and you may lose your drivers license. If your charge leads to a criminal record, it will follow you for a long time.

Areas of Criminal Law

If you have been charged with an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada, we can help. Our association of criminal lawyers can help with the following criminal charges.

Types of Appearances our Criminal Lawyers Make

Our criminal lawyers in Calgary can appear for you at each level of a matter. This includes:

  • Initial appearance (where you plead guilty or not-guilty)
  • Bail hearing
  • Trial
  • Sentencing
  • Appeals
  • Traffic court
  • Youth court
  • Peace bonds
  • Speaking to sentence
  • Pretrial conferences
  • Court of Queens bench
  • Preliminary inquiries
  • Forfeiture hearings
  • Jury trials,

Criminal Lawyers in Calgary, Okotoks, Canmore, Didsbury, Strathmore, Drumheller, Cochrane, Airdrie When you Need Them

Contact our experienced team when you find yourself needing a criminal lawyer in Calgary. By connecting you with one of our associated lawyers, you will have peace of mind that you are getting the experience that you need. CONNECT NOW. We can be reached toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.