Understanding The Importance Of Corporate Policies

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Corporate Policy and Procedure Manuals: Protection For All

There is a misunderstanding of the importance of corporate policies. The Business Corporations Act lacks internal rules for businesses. A corporate policy is not just a guideline. This enforceable workplace rules set out the rational, the expectations of employees and the employer and the consequences for breaching the policy. A corporate policy can be a series of stand alone policies or grouped together to form a part of a greater policy & procedure manual. While each corporate policy will focus on one specific concern, they will often interconnect with other policies. The corporate policy lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta have the experience to identify the relevant policies appropriate for your business and draft corporate policies accordingly. Keep reading or call 403-225-8810.

How Corporate Policy & Procedure Manuals Protect Companies?

By clearly setting out employer and employee expectations regarding issues that can have a significant impact for either, uncertainty is reduced or eliminated. A corporate policy and procedure manual does just that. Employees known advance what is expected of them. Employees know in advance what is required of the corporation. With a policy and procedure manual, managers are able to be constant with expectations. In the even to non-compliance, it is also easier to enforce consequence and terminate “for cause”. With respect to businesses that must keep public safety in mind, a corporate policy clearly sets out how to perform specific jobs in a manner that keeps the public safe. There are some areas that vicarious liability arises from employee actions. This means that the corporation can be penalized for employees actions. Corporate policy & procedure manuals help reduce this risk.

How Do Policies Protect Employees?

Employees only follow rules they know about and understand. By having clear expectations, employees can do their job with certainty that they are following acting in a manner consistent with corporate values. Many corporate policy and procedure manuals also set out safety related matters. This can include procedures for safely operating machinery, toxins, or equipment. In today’s electronic age, many employees get themselves and/or the business in trouble for making information public that they should not. For example, this may occur on social media, blogs or private websites. A complete policy manual clearly sets out what employees can and cannot post safely.

What Corporate Policies Does Your Company Need?

At Kahane Law, we understand that each business is unique. This uniqueness includes, not only the specific goods or services provided, but also the culture and workplace environment. Each business needs different variety content in their policies. Therefor, the type of policies each company requires largely depends on the nature of the business, number of employees and type of work done. Further, as each business includes differing internal rules, ethics, cultures, etc, the specific content also is drafted specifically contemplating each individual business.  For example, some standard policies that many companies implement include:

How To Implement A Set Of Policies?

If your business does not have a corporate policy and procedure manual in place, now is the time to act. Our legal team of lawyers help you set up proper policies. We also work with you to determine which specific policy(ies) your business requires. We then draft the specific policies that your business needs. The next step is to circulate the policy to employees and educate them so that there is a clear understanding of the policy. Lastly, each employee should sign off acknowledging receiving a copy of the policy and having understood it. Our firm not only drafts these policies for you, but, if required, we offer educational sessions for your employees. This ensures that each employee is clear as to what each policy means.

Corporate Policy & Procedure Manual Lawyers In Calgary

A key component of a successful business includes ensuring the implementation of proper policies and procedures. If you are looking for a low cost, flat rate corporate policy & procedure manual or individual policies for your company, we can help. The business law lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta understand the importance of having good standardized corporate policies and procedures in place. We work with you to ensure that your internal policies properly and clearly reflect how you want your business to run. CONNECT WITH US TODAY! Reached us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.