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Calgary Commercial Property Lawyers: Protecting You & Your Assets!

Lawyers For Commercial Properties In Alberta

When deal with commercial property, it is important to retain a commercial property lawyer. As with all areas of law, when you practice in a specific area, over time you develop specific skill sets that aid your clients. At Kahane Law Office, our commercial property lawyers are able to assist with a wide range of commercial transactions. If more information is required please do not hesitate to call our Calgary, Alberta team: 403-225-8810.

What Is Commercial Property?

Commercial property is real estate that involves revenue generating, or potential revenue generating land and/or buildings. Examples of property that commercial property lawyers work with include: manufacturing plants, warehouses, storage facilities, shopping centers & strip malls, multi unit residential properties and more. Commercial property lawyers are equally able to assist with freehold (owned) land interests, leasehold interests and commercial property condominiums.

Type Of Legal Work Our Lawyers Assist With

Commercial property lawyers assist clients with a variety of legal aspects pertaining to this type of property. Some of these commercial transactions also include active businesses that form part of the commercial real estate. As part of our commercial practice we assist in:

Purchasing Commercial Property:

Purchasing this type of property often represents a significant investment for our clients. We respect that. Our lawyers advise clients from start to finish when needed. Alternatively, they assist with “al la carte” service assisting with specific components of the transaction. for example, the services we offer includes negotiating, assisting with due diligence, drafting or reviewing agreements, and ensuring that our client gets good title.

Sale Of Commercial Property:

Once again, the sale of a property often represents a significant transaction for our clients. Our commercial property lawyers are also able to help with the sale of commercial land. Again, we assist throughout the transaction or with specific aspect of it. Receiving payment and relevant taxes, paying out debt and dealing with tenant issues are all a part of the sale closing process.


Our team assists with a variety of aspects of lending on commercial properties. During a purchase, we may act for a lender preparing commercial mortgage documentation. In other situations we act for the purchaser of the commercial property. Similarly, we can act for lender and /or borrower for refinancing commercial properties.

Commercial Property Leasing:

Many commercial property purchase end up with tenants. Our commercial property lawyers act for landlords and tenants. We may usually only act for one side in a single transaction. These services include negotiating, drafting and reviewing commercial leases. The inclusion of exclusion of two to three simple words in the agreement make significant impacts on either landlords or tenants.

Significant Nature Of These Properties

No mater the type of assistance given, these properties include significant investments, and risk as compared to a residential transaction. As such, the contracts involved include more protective terms to minimize the risks of buyers and sellers. Most important, the transactions also take more time to complete due to the complex nature of them. We recommend not rushing them.

Legal Fees For Commercial Property Transactions

Our commercial property lawyers understand the law and the process

with respect to commercial property. Our legal fees are often ascertainable at the start of the process. You will know what we will charge and for what work. Lastly, if an issue develops that adds to the work required for our commercial property lawyers to complete, we will have this discussion with you… before you incur any more expenses.

Calgary Commercial Property Lawyers

Calgary, Alberta commercial property lawyers help with all your commercial real estate needs. We understand the nature of these investments and your need to protect them. These transactions can be complicated and may costly property. You want to be protected. Call today. 403-225-8810 or toll free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us here directly.