Best Way to Encourage Parents to Get a Will

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Encouraging Parents With Wills & Estates Plans

You love your parents, and they’ve done a good job of providing for you while you were growing up. However, as they are getting older, you’ve discovered that they don’t have a will, and this is likely concerning to you. Encouraging parents to complete a will and estate plan can be difficult. This is natural, and it doesn’t mean that you are trying to “get more” out of your parents or that you want to be the sole beneficiary of the will. It simply means that you want them to make plans now for whatever might happen in the future, which could be just about anything. Call 403-225-8810 for the lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta to learn more or help with your parents wills and estates needs.

Talk About the Future: Encouraging Parents & Wills

Even though your parents might be in good health today, there’s no telling what tomorrow could bring. It is hard to talk about death, especially with your loved ones. However, they need to think about the future. What will happen to their house and their assets if they do not have a will? There is no guarantee that they will be distributed in a way that’s satisfying to them. It’s important to get this point across to your parents, so they understand that having a will does not make their passing easier on you, but it will make it easier to divide the assets in a civil manner.

Your parents do not want to see their loved ones fight over money, property, and other material possessions. Explain that having a will helps to reduce the possibility of this happening. Even though people may not always be happy about the will, most will abide by it. In addition, talk with your parents about their health. What type of care do they want to have if they are nearing the end of their life? Getting advance care directives in addition to a will ensures they will have the care they feel is right for them. Encouraging parents to complete their wills and estate plan includes helping them understand how it helps the whole family.

Having a will is the responsible thing to do, and not having a will simply invites chaos. Take some time to look through the news or through your own family history to find some examples of people who did not have a will and how it affected their family. Most of the time, not having a will simply causes the family to devolve into infighting, all hoping to get more out of the estate. Relate these stories to your parents so they can see just how important a will really is. Even though you might not want to think your family will fight, it’s important to be honest about how people really react in these situations.

Estate Planning Is More Than Just Wills

Your parents should understand that estate planning is more than just wills. When encouraging parents to think about putting an estate plan in place, they need to know all the benefits. If they ever lose capacity, they will need someone to make medical and financial decisions for them. This is a very difficult discussion to have with parents. The best way to encourage parents to talk about wills and estate planning is often after something has happened to a friend of theirs; even if it is a less serious medical condition. If your parents do not have an estate plan in place, someone will have to get a court order for guardianship and trusteeship. This process can take a long time and can be costly. The following links help you understand what happens if you do not have these estate planning documents in place. Getting an enduring power of attorney and personal directive (also called a living will or advance medical directive) in place can save time, money and stress for both you and your parents. For some, encouraging parents to get their estate plan in order is simply a matter of letting them know that it can cost $1000’s of dollars more to get court orders in place if they do not have their wills, enduring power of attorney and personal directive completed.

Discuss Wills & Estate Planning With A Calgary Lawyer

Once you start to get your parents on board with the idea of getting a will, it’s time to speak with a lawyer. Encouraging parents to get their wills and estate plan in place is just the first step. The lawyer will be able to provide your parents with even more information about the wills and just why they are so important. They can also guide your parents through the process of drafting the will so it is as simple as possible and legally binding. You can even help your parents find an Alberta lawyer who specializes in will and family law so you can be sure they get the best. If there is any way we can help you with encouraging parents regarding a will, EPA or personal directive, let us know. We care. You can reach us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, 403-225-8810 locally or contact us online for help or to learn more today.