Finding The Best Corporate Lawyer For You

Calgary corporate lawyers vary greatly in terms of personality, approach and skill set. The deal with legal issues, complex and simple but often also act as business advisors. You get the benefit of the experience we possess through the process of helping many other clients through a wide range of situations. We always make sure to identify if we are giving legal advice or business advice as the consequences of not following legal advice may lead to serious legal issues. The Calgary corporate lawyers at Kahane Law Office enjoy helping their corporate clients start, build and grow their businesses.

Retaining A Corporate Lawyer

Everyone in need of retaining Calgary corporate lawyers should ensure that they connect with them early in the process. This is true of all corporate related issues. For example, if you require a new corporation, making sure that there is enough time to review and set up a corporate share structure that meets your needs is important. We even help determine if incorporating is right for you or not. For business acquisitions or dispositions and when you contemplate entering into a commercial lease, things tend to go smoother if corporate lawyers are involved early on.

Our Areas Of Corporate Law

Our Calgary corporate lawyers assist clients with a full range of corporate legal help. We assist from per-incorporation, through developing contracts, acquisition of assets or businesses, right through to the sale or winding up of a company. Feel free to click here for greater detail on the range of services offered by our Calgary corporate lawyers. If you are unsure of which services you require, please call or email and we can set up a consultation to determine what you need to move forward properly.

Kahane Law’s Corporate Law Team

Our team of corporate lawyers has a breadth of experience and knowledge. They understand and respect the trust that clients put in them. For many people, their business is something that they have invested a lot of time, money and themselves into. We do not take this for granted. We strive to not only give exceptional legal advice and direction but add value to all of our clients. Our team of Calgary corporate lawyers includes:

Ken Flowers

Ken started his legal career in Ontario in 1990. While currently a member of the Alberta Bar, Ken practiced in four other Canadian jurisdictions over the course of his career. He has extensive knowledge of business, corporate, finance leasing, franchises and commercial related areas of law. His clients indicate that his level of knowledge contributes to a significant “value add” to everything he does for them. Learn more about Ken and his legal practice here.

Julia Herscovitch

Julia articled with Kahane Law Office in 2009 and remained with the law firm since that time. She quickly focused her legal career in real estate law but quickly entered the world of commercial real estate transactions. This ignited her enthusiasm for corporate law and commercial transactions that both include real estate and those that have no real estate component. Examples include the purchase and sale of businesses (share and asset), incorporations, corporate leasing and mergers.  To learn more about Julia and her career as a corporate lawyer click here.

Corporate Legal Fees

Whenever possible we try to work on a flat rate basis so that you can budget accordingly. It also give you peace of mind. Other times, we will work on an hourly basis but we try to give you an accurate sense of what the cost range will be. We will also offer way that we can reduce fees, or, when needed, provide more services to make life easier for you and better protect your business. We value your trust, however even with that trust, we always believe that our clients have a right to know where their money is going and that they should get exceptional value when they retain us.

Retaining Calgary Corporate Lawyers

If you find yourself needing corporate legal work, feel free to reach out. We pride ourselves that our Calgary corporate lawyers are friendly and approachable. Above all, they also have an exceptional skill set to assist clients. If you are unsure about how to protect yourself and your business, how to move forward in a proper legal manner or just need guidance on what your corporation can and cannot do legally, please reach out. CONNECT NOW. Reach us by phone at 403-225-8810 in Calgary, Alberta or email us directly here.