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Other Legal Services

Please check here for the regular legal services across areas of law that we offer in our Kahane Law Office Calgary office. However, we offer more services than those regular services. For example, please see below for a list of other legal services offered at Kahane Law Office

Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN)

While not a legal service provided as a lawyer in Alberta, we are authorized as Certifying Acceptance Agents by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide Certifying Acceptance Agent services on behalf of our Canadian Clients in order to facilitate the application process leading to the IRS issuance of Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). We are also able to complete and submit Form W7 on our clients’ behalf. We also complete ITIN renewals. The ITIN is a number utilized when someone, other than an American taxpayer, needs to file tax related documents.

ITINs are necessary when a Canadian who is not eligible for a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) is required to have an ITIN for tax purposes, i.e., has to file a U.S. tax return or is subject to a U.S. withholding tax.

Signing Agents

Clients involved in transactions in foreign jurisdictions and lack the ability or desire to attend in that jurisdiction, or would prefer to not travel to that jurisdiction, may execute (sign) any documents for that transaction at our office. We certify that we have collected proper identification and can courier all paperwork to the province or country that you require. We can offer same day appointments where needed. Learn more about our signing agent services for out of city, province and country signings. People call for this service for many reasons. For example, people often use signing agents for real estate, probate, immigration related matters.

Child Travel Letters

Parents who contemplate traveling out of the country with their child(ren) without their spouse (without regard to their legal marital status) should have a Child Travel Letter signed and notarized to avoid delays and problems at border crossings and customs both at the Canadian and foreign borders. These letters also allow the parent traveling with the child(ren) to make emergency medical decisions if required. We offer same day appointments where needed.These letters help avoid delays, detention and missed flights. Learn more about Child travel letters here.

Notary Public

We act as a Notary Public to have you swear affidavits or statutory declarations on documents that you bring to your office. In addition, where needed, we offer a drafting service for preparing the documents for you. While unable to give legal advice about foreign jurisdictions, drafting these documents for use in Alberta is a frequently required service. We offer same day appointments where needed. Learn more about Notary services here.

Commissioner for Oaths

We often act as a Commissioner for Oaths to have you swear affidavits or statutory declarations on documents that you bring to your office. Most often a lawyer in another city prepares the document. In other situations a bank, or other financial institution prepares the documents. Further, where needed, we draft the required documents for you. In most cases, we offer same day commissioner of oaths services appointments where needed for a client. In many situations, clients pop in, without an appointment, for this service.

Testing To Become A Commissioner For Oaths

Thinking of becoming a commissioner for oaths? Need this designation for work? We provide commissioner for oaths testing in the Calgary area. In addition, we sign and stamp the Alberta government form needed for this designation.

Certified True Copy Of Documents

We notarize documents or make a certified true copy on a walk in or same day basis. People sometimes refer to this as document verification or certification. For example, we often provide this service related to employment, education, or simply identity requirement. This service is by appointment or drop-in. Either way, the choice is yours. Learn more about a certified true copy here.

Identification Verification Legal Services

Identification verification is usually used in the context of verifying your ID for profession standards exams. Learn more about the ID verification process and how we can help right away. People need this service for a variety of reasons. For example, most often used for doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, dentists, etc. However, if you are not sure, please call and we can let you know if we can help.

Independent Legal Advice

Understanding your rights is a key element to protecting yourself. Some businesses require people to attend with a lawyer to ensure you understand what obligations, rights, responsibilities or the loss of the above you agree to in an agreement. We refer to this requirement as independent legal advice (ILA). This lets someone know that you met with a lawyer and learned your rights and obligations a particular situation or around a specific contract. This ensures that you cannot claim that you were not aware of what you were signing. Learn more about our independent legal advice services here.

Other Legal Services In Calgary

Lastly, people often lack clarity on the specific service that they need. We help clarify for you. If you require anything else, please call and we are happy to help provide legal services as needed. With a brief description of your situation, we help you to understand what service is needed. We also have a variety of legal services and issues on our YouTube channel.

Connecting With Kahane Law Office For Legal Services

For an appointment or just to better understand the services you need, please email us for the fastest response. As a full service law firm, we assist with the above and all legal services people usually require. Email allows us to provide you with detailed information. Just give us a brief description of your situation and / or the legal services you need. We do the rest. Email us at this email address. However, feel free to call. We love helping people. For our Calgary, Alberta office (helping in Calgary and surrounding communities) call us at (403) 225-8810.