Collaborative Divorces In Alberta

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Calgary Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Collaborative divorce lawyers help you facilitate your divorce, in a non-confrontational manner. They require special training in ordered qualified as collaborative divorce lawyer. The collaborative law lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta are ready to assist you. Call or read for more information 403-225-8810.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a process in which you and your spouse or common-law partner each retains designated collaborative lawyers to assist you in reaching an agreement.

The collaborative process is designed to help you and your spouse communicate about what is important to you and why, and to facilitate meaningful discussion about your issues, and to develop reasonable, positive solutions in a non-confrontational manner.

In this process, you and your spouse, as well as each of your lawyers, enters into a contract that sets out the parameters for the collaborative process, which includes a term agreeing not to go to court. The process entails a series of meetings which usually alternate between the offices of your collaborative lawyers, in which all issues are addressed, discussed, and mediated, with the intention of reaching a mutually agreeable settlement.

Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is non-confrontational and respectful, allowing you and your spouse to maintain a relationship, particularly when children are involved. This process allows both of you to have input in the decisions being made concerning you and your family, without the stress, and sometimes fear, of going to court. The Divorce Act (Canada) obliges lawyers to inform clients of alternate dispute resolution processes, which includes collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is often more cost effective and timely than the traditional litigation approach to divorce. In Calgary, collaborative divorce lawyers are registered with the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association. The website,, has further information about the process.

Collaborative Divorce Lawyers In Calgary

Want to schedule a consultation with a member of our family law team to discuss your collaborative law options? Please contact our experienced family law team at Kahane Law Office. You can reach us locally in Calgary at 403-225-8810 (toll-free at 1-877-225-8817), or email us directly here.