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Calgary Lawyers to Help With Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyers help you with establishing child custody, access and guardianship. At Kahane Law Office in Calgary, we focus on what is best for you child or children. This is also the priority of the Alberta courts when deciding these issues. We know that every situation is unique and treat you as an individual. We also respect that dealing with custody issues can be a very emotional time. Call today for help: 403-225-8810

Who Our Custody Lawyers Can Help

Our child custody lawyers can help any couple with children. We represent same or mixed sex married, separated and divorced individuals, common-law relationship individuals, grandparents.

What is Child Custody in Alberta?

Child custody is usually joint but not always. Custody generally indicates who has decision making authority. This means that it is not always who a child lives with. Sometimes both parents have equal or shared custody. Child custody lawyers advocate for the rights of a parent; always keeping the best interest of the child in mind.

What is Child Access in Alberta?

Child access is the right of children to see, spend time with and have a relationship with their parent they do not live with. Child access lawyers help ensure children the benefit of a relationship with both parents. This includes weekend and week day visits as well as time on holidays.

What is Child Guardianship in Alberta?

Guardianship refers to who is responsible for looking after a child. Under the Family Law Act, it is the term used for custody in the situation of separating common-law couples. in some situations, both parents are unable to look after their children. In this case the court can appoint someone else as a guardian. Often the appointed guardian is a grandparent or sibling of one of the parents.

Barring a Parent From Being With Their Child

There are situations where child custody lawyers must fight to have one parent excluded from any type of visitation. The courts will always look at what is in the best interest of the child. There are situations where it is appropriate to deny access to a parent. Moving children away form the other parent can be considered barring that parents access to their children. For more on moving your children after divorce, click here.

Issues Addressed by Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody lawyers address many issues regarding the care and control of children. The ability to be involved in deciding these issues can rest with both parents even if the children only live with one parent. Other times one parent has all decision making powers. These include the following types of examples:

  • Where the children reside
  • With whom the children live
  • Whom the children spend holidays with
  • Decisions regarding education
  • Decisions regarding health care
  • Decisions regarding religion
  • Decisions regarding medical treatment
  • Decisions regarding sports & activities
  • Whom the children can spend time with

Ways We Help With Child Custody & Access Issues

Child custody lawyers help by advocating for you. There are many “right” scenarios, options and opinions when it comes to child custody and access. We will help you get the results that best suits your situation. Child custody lawyers advocate by educating, negotiating, mediating and, when the other ways do not work, arguing your position in court. Decisions can be finalized by agreement and by court order. We will always explain your options and let you decide on how you want to proceed.

Keeping Custody Negotiations Cheap and Simple

Depending on your relationship with your child’s other parent, finalizing child access and custody issues do not have to be costly. We encourage parents to work together to come to a positive solution for both of you. This is in the parents and the children’s best emotional, psychological and financial interest; where the relationship allows it. Sometimes our child custody lawyers provide legal information to you and you negotiate with the other parent. We can then draft the agreement to reflect that settlement. We will help you achieve results that are best suited to your family situation. Family Justice Services at the Calgary Court Center also has free child custody information.

When Child Related Situations Change

The child custody lawyers at Kahane Law Office know that as time goes by, situations change. We can help you at any stage. When change happens, the same processes can be utilized to come to an agreement as the initial process.

Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer in Calgary

To schedule a consultation with a member of our family law team to discuss your child custody situation, please contact our experienced family law team at Kahane Law Office. You can reach us locally in Calgary at 403-225-8810 (toll-free at 1-877-225-8817), or email us directly here.

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