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Agreements to protect couples

Cohabitation Agreements are sometimes referred to as prenuptial agreements, domestic agreements or marriage contracts. While similar in use and form, a cohabitation agreement is for couples who are, or will be, living together. Marriage is not an issue with these situations or contracts. These include both common law couples and couples who live together prior to marriage. There is equal importance for all couples without regard to gender orientation. Kahane Law in Calgary, Albert is able to help you with your cohabitation agreement 403-225-8810.

What Are Cohabitation Agreements For?

Cohabitation agreements create a legally binding contract between two people who are, or will be, living together. They set out all the rights and obligations of both parties in the event of a breakdown of the relationship. This means that if the couple breaks up, who gets what and who pays for what is a predetermined matter. Having agreed to things in the cohabitation agreement while a relationship is healthy should mean that there is less fighting if the relationship does not work.

Cohabitation Agreement Benefits

When splitting up property becomes a legal battle, both parties usually have increased legal fees. Cohabitation agreements, reduces the guesswork and arguments for the division of assets and debts. Couples who do not have to go to court to decide the division of debts and assets save money over those who do. Further, there is an emotional cost to prolonged legal disputes which may be avoided by predetermining rights and obligations. These contractual agreements can also be used to protect the rights of the children of one of the parties to the relationship. By setting out who is responsible for what in a relationship, separating couples often avoid fights. Consequently, this saves them in legal fees.

Who Should Have A Contract Before Living Together?

Any couple who decide to live together should have a cohabitation agreement in place. The more assets involved, specifically real property like houses, the more important these agreements are from a financial perspective. Much like fire insurance on your house, a contract setting out the terms if the worst happens, is something that you should have but hope to never need to use.

How Family Lawyers Protect You With These Agreements

When our cohabitation agreement lawyers draft agreements, they first explain to you what your rights and obligations are. You can then decide, with your partner, how you will deal with things on a breakdown of the relationship. It is extremely important that care and attention goes into properly drafting the agreement. It is also extremely important that each party have independent legal advice with respect to the agreement. Our goal is to make sure that all agreements are fair and well understood before they are signed. REMEMBER: you will need independent legal advice for al cohabitation agreements in Alberta.
Learn more from our Cohabitation Agreements lawyers. We offer videos with short segments with basic explanations to make understanding easy.

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What We Included In A Legal Cohabitation Agreement?

Cohabitation agreements generally include terms about the following:

  • How  to divide the assets each person brought into the relationship;
  • What specific property faces exclusion from division;
  • How  to divide the couples debts;
  • How to divide the assets the couple purchased together;
  • Who pays which expenses during the relationship;
  • Payment of spousal support;
  • Who gets the home on a breakup;
  • Rights and obligations during the relationship;
  • Who makes educational and moral decisions relating to their children; and lastly
  • Any other specifically agreed to matter.

How Can You Change The Cohabitation Agreement?

Sometimes life and relationships change. This means that a couple may want to change some or all of the terms in the cohabitation agreement. Like any agreement, the parties to the contract have the ability to maker changes to it as long as both people agree. Our lawyers can help make sure that changes are done correctly.

Retaining Cohabitation Agreement Lawyers in Calgary, Alberta

The family law team at Kahane Law Office understands the complexities of cohabitation agreements in Alberta. Let us help you understand your rights and responsibilities and protect yourself and your partner in the event of a breakdown of your relationship. We review your legal position now as well as what possible risks you and your partner face in the future. Understanding your options is a key part of this process.

Putting an agreement in place before moving in is important. Work together, when positive emotions rule, to make decisions.To schedule a consultation with a member of our family law team to discuss having an agreement drafted for you, please contact our experienced team at Kahane Law Office. Please feel free to reach out to us locally in Calgary, Alberta at 403-225-8810 or toll-free at 1-877-225-8817, or email us directly here.