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Family Sponsorship: Immigration Canada

Canadian Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is one important objective of Canada’s immigration system. Its goal is to allow families to be together. Separation of non-Canadian families happens in a number of ways. In other words, options exist to bring your family together.

Sometimes a family member may marry a Canadian and move to Canada. Other times only part of the family immigrates to Canada, while the rest of the family remains behind in their country of origin. The cause of the family division lacks relevance for separated family members. Above all, options exist to reunite your family. If your family experienced separation where some of your family members still live overseas, we can help. The Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services team helps you meet your apply to the Canadian government to get your family back together in Canada.

What Family Sponsorship Allows You to Do

This mechanism of sponsoring family members allows a family member already in Canada to sponsor other family members who want permanent resident status in Canada. Canadian law allows citizens and permanent residents to sponsor spouses (married or common-law, including same-sex partners) and dependent children for permanent resident status. They also permit the sponsorship of parents or grandparents, though the process can take much longer for these family members. In some cases, siblings, nieces & nephews, or grandchildren can also be sponsored under the Family Sponsorship Class.

The Family Sponsorship Process

Family sponsorship is just one of several ways of people immigrating to Canada. Bringing family members to Canada by this type of sponsorship program confuse. Our immigration legal team has the experience necessary to help you determine which stream of sponsorship for families to apply under. We will then help you to make sure that your family sponsorship application is complete and streamlined for the quickest and most favorable result. We want you to be with your family as soon as possible under the family sponsorship program.

Family Sponsorship Class

A number of sponsorship classes exist for families so there is importance in picking the right one. The four basic family sponsorship class include:

Spousal Sponsorship

Spousal sponsorship or spouse sponsorship allows you to bring your spouse to Canada. These can be legally married people or you can sponsor your common law partner. Canada recognizes same sex marriages and relationships without discrimination. Click here to learn more about Spousal Sponsorships.

Child Sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship program allows a parent or parents to sponsor their children. This allows for families to come together and legally live in Canada. In addition, this class of sponsorship includes adopted children.

Other Dependent Sponsorship

Additionally, families want to help their extended families to move to Canada. While this was a category of sponsoring families to come to Canada allows siblings (brothers and/or sisters), nieces & nephews, or grandchildren to be sponsored under the Family Sponsorship Class, it no longer exists. However, the Canadian government knows that being alone is not the ideal situation for Canadians. Currently, the only way of “sponsoring” a sibling, niece/nephew or grandchild to Canada is under the “lonely Canadian rule”. This means you have no relatives in Canada, including spouse, siblings, parents or children.

Super Visa

While Super Visas are different in terms of sponsoring a family member, it allows for different family member types to move to Canada. The super visa is mostly used to help grandmothers and grandfathers to come to Canada. Above all, the super visa allows family members to come for extended periods of time.

Who Can Apply Sponsor A Family Member

In addition to Canadian citizens and permanent residents sponsoring family members under the family class, immigrants applying under the economic class may include their spouses (married or common-law, including same-sex partners) and dependent children in their applications to become permanent residents.

Getting the help you need with Family Sponsorship

We know the importance of family so our team is ready to help. Having your family together makes life better for both them and you. Let our experienced staff at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services help you navigate the complexity of the immigration process in reunifying your family. Contact the experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services call either our Calgary, Alberta office at 403-225-8810. If living in the Edmonton, Alberta area please call us at (780) 571-8463. Lastly, please email our team for faster service .