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Study Permits in Canada

What Are Study Permits For Canada

Canada is a great country in which to get an education. Doing your studies in Canada can often lead to greater opportunities. Canadian educations are recognized both here and abroad. Many students will not choose to hire an immigration lawyer to complete their initial application for Study Permits. If they wish to, our immigration team can help with all aspects of study permits. With Low Flat Rates, Kahane Law with offices in both Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta help with study permit applications anywhere in Canada. Connect today (403) 225-8810 for our Calgary office and (780) 571-8463 for the Edmonton location.

Areas We Help With Regarding Study Permits

Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services can assist you with all temporary resident permits. As an area of law, immigration matters become confusing for many clients. In addition, as the area includes many form driven applications. We help clients with them all. If unsure on which permit required, please feel free to connect and we guide you through the legal options. These applications include, for example, several areas such for receiving a permit such as:

Work Permits

School is often an expensive endeavor. As a student, you may want to work part-time while doing your studies, but a Study Permit does not allow you to do this. We understand that work often forms part of a underlining aspect of studying in a foreign country. We help you apply for certain special types of Work Permits which are available to students and their spouses/partners. Learn more here on our work permits page.

Study Permits Applications Previously Denied

Have you applied for a temporary Study Permit and been denied? Study permits applications are not always easy. Even though many students do not look for help initially, sometimes it is better if they do. Our team may be able to help you strengthen your application and re-apply for study permits in Canada if you were unsuccessful in applying on your own. Finally, avoid this situation happening again to expedite your ability to come to Canada.

Permanent Residence In Canada For Students

Once in Canada, many students decide they want to stay here following their studies and the expiration of their temporary student status. In the event you wish to eventually obtain Permanent Resident status, let our team assist you in choosing the best option for this process, and taking the foothold you already have here in Canada from a short-term temporary Student Permit, to eventually obtaining Permanent Residency. Whether you are looking for a short study period in Canada, the ability to work while completing studies, a review and re-submission of your denied application for a study or work permit, or the option of staying in Canada following completion of your studies, our experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services helps you navigate the process and successfully apply.

Help With Study Permits for Canada In Calgary & Edmonton

Our entire immigration law team enjoys helping people in their desire to come to Canada. We complete the whole process for you or, if you prefer, we simply consult with you to allow you to better complete your own application. Contact the experienced team at Kahane Law Immigration Legal Services. Call us in Calgary 403-225-8810 or if you are in the Edmonton area please call 780-571-8463. Alternatively, call toll-free at 1-877-225-8817,or Email us directly here.