Condominiums Have Unique Legal Issues

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Condo Board & Condo Management Company Law Firm

Condominium boards and condominium management companies often need lawyers on a variety of legal issues. In Calgary, Alberta our law firm has experience with dealing with the unique issues that condominium boards and management run into. We understand the balance of best representing the condominium corporation while respecting the home owners. Call us for help 403-225-8810.

When condominium boards need legal help, they need a firm that respects that they are volunteers running a significant asset on behalf of others. The law involves more than just the Condominium Act in Alberta.

Legal Representation Of Condominium Boards And Management Companies

Kahane Law Office is able to help condominium boards and condominium management companies in the following areas of law:

Drafting, Reviewing & Amending Condominium Bylaws

Condominium bylaws occasionally do not work for a particular condo board and/or owners. This may be due to changing ownership demographics, routine issues that need to be addressed or poorly drafted bylaws when the condominium was first developed. This includes missing or blank schedules to the bylaws. Our condominium and management company lawyers help with the review, drafting process and legally (properly) presenting and passing the amendments. Changes in the law often require a change in the bylaws. For example, the change in the legal status of cannabis, triggered bylaw updates for many condos inn Alberta.

Condominium Board Bylaw Enforcement

Most Condos lack the internal access to legal input at the board level. Legally, a management company lacks the ability to act in the role as lawyer. In these case, they look to outside lawyers to help. When condominium boards and management companies deal with certain issues, they need legal assistance. While the possibilities are almost endless, examples we have experience with include:

  • Owner / tenant hoarders;
  • Violent & threatening owners \ tenants;
  • Noise infractions;
  • Damage to common property;
  • Bylaw infractions;
  • Damage to other condominium units (water, mold and otherwise); and lastly
  • Neglect of an owners own unit.

Condominium Fee & Special Assessment Collections

A condominium board cannot operate without cash flow. When unit owners do not pay their regular condominium fees or special assessments, a condominium board must act quickly. Our condominium board and management company lawyers respond quickly to these situations. Our condominium board and management company lawyers are able to call the unpaid unit owner, issue a demand letter and, where necessary, foreclose. During this process our law firm will always demonstrate respect towards the unit holder as they will continue to be condominium owners.

When Condominium Issues Go Bad

As a full service firm, our condominium board and management company lawyers draw on the experience of different fields within the office. This not only offers a full legal service knowledge base but also offers cost efficiency to the board. We act with respect to legal issues as varied as having to force the sale of a unit (see our blog article on this issue) to the collection of minor penalties efficiently and effectively. Our firm is prepared to deal with a variety of condominium related litigation legal matters.

Condominium Board & Management Company Lawyers in Calgary

The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help with your condominium legal issue needs. CONNECT NOW. Connect today at 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta, we can be called toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 or email us directly here.