Kahane Law Office is pleased to work with our real estate professionals to make each clients experience the best possible. As such we will be building out a page dedicated to both Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Specialists.

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No Charge Legal Information

No Charge After Hours Legal Information

You do not work 9-5. If want access to our after hours legal information line at no charge, please send us an email here to activate this service. It may take one or two business days to get you the toll free line. This service is for industry members only.

Dower Rights E-Tool

Use our online E-Tool to help you figure out if dower rights apply to a transaction. It offers step by step help and extra information about each step (but only if you want it) on each page. Remember, each deal is different this tool is a reference only. Call us at 403-225-8810 or email us here for deal specific dower information.

Educational Videos

Learn about different areas of law in high energy short duration videos. We have about 100 videos on a variety of topics. Each week we release a new video on a legal topic. To date, we have had over 41,000 views. Also, feel free to use the videos in your blogs or newsletters as content at no charge. Check out our YouTube Channel. You can search by topic and there is playlists for first time buyers, sellers, about condominiums, and more.