Trusteeship lawyers at Kahane Law Office can help. We understand the emotional turmoil and stress when a close family member or loved one loses mental capacity and no longer can make financial decisions for themselves. In order to lean more, keep reading or call for the help you need in Calgary or Edmonton.

What Is Trusteeship?

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Calgary Trusteeship Lawyers

Trusteeship is a process whereby an individual gets the authority over the financial affairs of a dependent adult, and it may be broad or limited in scope. To be appointed as trustee, the applicant must apply

to the courts for an order and include a detailed plan as to the assets of the person subject to the order. The trustee has a number of responsibilities, and is subject to review and accounting of all decisions.

Order Requirements?

Guardianship and Trusteeship applications require a Capacity Assessment Report.  A medical practitioner or designated professional, as set out in the regulat

ions, conduct and prepare these reports. The Capacity Assessment Report provides the court with information about the adult’s capacity, ability to make decisions, and likelihood of improvement.

The Public Guardian and Public Trustees offices reviews applications for Guardianship and Trusteeship prior to submission to the courts. Close family members get notice of the application and will have the opportunity to contest the application. In such cases, the matter is set for a court hearing.

Kahane Law Office lawyers a

ssist in the preparation of applications for you to act as guardian and trustee. We also provide advice for these applications. As a result, we will represent applicants throughout the process.

Avoid Needing A Trusteeship Order

By getting an enduring power of attorney before someone loses capacity, you may be able to avoid having to go through this process. You save time, money and avoid the emotional stress. These documents are not expensive. Watch our video now about a will package that includes an enduring power of attorney. Click here to learn about how Guardianship can be avoided with an EPA.

Getting Help From A Trusteeship Order Lawyer

The Calgary trusteeship lawyers at Kahane Law

 Office can help you when a family member or loved one lose capacity and need someone to make personal decisions for them. Because of this, we understand that this is a challenging and emotional time. Our team is sensitive to family needs when you need this type of order. Call 403-225-8810 or email today to contact us.