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Wills & Estates Legal Fees at Kahane Law Office

People often first ask us “how much does a will cost?”. We offer flat rates so you know your Wills & Estates legal fees before you retain a lawyer. Transparency, honestly and integrity should be key to any relationship anyone has with a lawyer. This is why we post our fees. We are professionals who know our business and can tell you what it will cost in Wills & Estates legal fees. However, more important than our reasonable fees, is our dedication to client service. Our estate team understands the importance of an estate plan and how hard it is for some clients to work through all the details. We do that with you as a team.

Most Wills & Estates matters for Wills, Power of Attorney and Personal Directives (living wills) fit into this flat rate structure. Do not hesitate to call or email today. We will give you the same exceptional, personal service that Kahane Law Office has become known for. We work with you to ensure that we address all your legal needs. For your ease of service, we prepare and sign wills in both the Calgary and Edmonton areas.

How Much Do Wills Cost?

For many people, they just look at the final number. “How much do wills cost” is an question with many answers in Alberta. With wills and estates planning, people need a blend of two things. Firstly, they need to look at their final costs. With estates lawyers, will drafting is either a set flat rate fee or billed hourly. A flat rate, as set out below, lets you know the costs before you start. Secondly, people need the security in the proper drafting of their estate plan. Remember, estate planning documents are for use after you no longer have a say in things. You cannot go back to correct problems. Will kits and discount paralegal cheap will drafting often lead to family fights, more probate or administrative costs, stress and a longer time to finalize your estate.

Our Flat Rate Wills & Estates Legal Fees



Couple (Mirror Approach)

Simple Will, Power of Attorney & Personal Directive Package $950 $1,250
Will Only $650 $950

GST is not included in the above wills & estates legal fees. Prices subject to change without notice.

Do You Just Need A Power Of Attorney Or Personal Directive?

Some people have a will but require additional documents to finalize their estate plans. Our “a la carte” service allows clients to pick and choose which documents they need and when. While more cost effective to build your estate plan at one time, we leave the option open to clients to make that decision for themselves. For example, add on document pricing is as follows:



Couple (Mirror Approach)

Power of Attorney & Personal Directive Package $500 $750
Power of Attorney Only $350 $500
Personal Directive Only $250 $350

Specific Power of Attorney (e.g. for the sale of a home): $225
GST is not included in the above wills & estates legal fees. Prices subject to change without notice.

What Our Wills & Estates Legal Fees Include

To further answer the “how much do wills cost” in Alberta question, we also look at what you get for your fee. The above flat rate wills & estates legal fees include our easy to use wills information questionnaire, a pre-drafting meeting to go over your wills & estates questionnaire, drafting all the requisite documents (will, enduring power of attorney and/ or personal directive), and a final meeting to review, explain and sign the documents. These wills & estates legal fees are for the majority of wills & estates matters. If your specific situation does not fit into our flat rate wills & estates legal fees structure, we will let you know in advance of you owing us anything. This is our commitment to you.

Understanding Wills & Estates Legal Fees

We try to be very clear about what our fees include. If you ever have any questions about what is included, do not hesitate to ask. Many people think that their situation is extremely complicated and that their situation lacks eligibility for our flat rate legal fees. Our experience is that most people do fit into our affordable wills & estates legal fee structure. If something exceeds those flat rate fees, we always tell you first: Before you incur any costs. This is very rare and usually involves very substantial estates. Lastly, we explain why at no extra charge. This is something that the Law Society encourages all lawyers to do regarding their fees.

How Wills & Estates Legal Fees Are Paid

When we are retained for a new wills & estates client, we do not charge fees until such time as we are ready to start drafting the documents (will, enduring power of attorney and/ or personal directive). These steps often include emails, a phone call or two and you reviewing our information kit. We send the estate information kit to you at no cost. It reviews the things you need to think about before drafting and goes over how much wills cost in detail. At the time we start drafting, we will require a retainer equal to half the wills & estates legal fees. Finally, the balance of fees owing are payable when you sign the final paperwork. We accept payment by cash, cheque, bank draft, e-transfer, debit or credit card.

Veteran And Military Discounts

The whole crew at Kahane Law Office value and appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that all the members of our Canadian Armed Forces make for each Canadian and people around the world. How much wills cost is just a little less for our military members.  We are pleased to offer military & Veteran discounts (learn more here). This is our small way of saying thank you!

Call Now For Exceptional Service And Flat Rates On Wills & Estates Lawyer Fees

The future may be uncertain, but your estate plan does not have to be. Our lawyers help you to protect your last wishes, your family and your estate. Avoiding stress, additional costs, family infighting and long dragged out estate finalization are a key aspect to what we do. Call today so that we can help you with your wills & estates needs in Calgary and Edmonton. Email often allows us to reach your quicker with the information you need. However, always feel free to call as well.  You can reach either of our offices with no cost dialing at 1-877-225-8817, or 403-225-8810 locally or email our team of estate lawyers directly here.