Corporate Attorney For Service In Calgary

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Corporate Attorney for Service: Calgary Protection

An attorney for service is usually a lawyer who will accept service on behalf of your company or corporation. An attorney for service does not have to be a lawyer but it is extremely important that they understand what to do in order to fulfill that functions. The Lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta are happy to act in this capacity for your company. We offer low flat rates that ensure the protection for your company for a full year.

Function of Attorneys Who Accept Service for Your Company

The primary function of an attorney for service in Alberta is to accept legal service of documents. Under Alberta law, valid service on a company occurs when the company receives service at the registered office by mail. This means that any time limitations for you to take action start as of when the notice is sent to that address. As an attorney for service, we accept that notice on your behalf and/or are ready to deal with whatever response legally required. We take these steps quickly to protect you. As you will see below, there are consequences for acting quickly.

Why You Need An Attorney For Service for Your Business

If your corporation is served with notice, you will be given a limited amount f time to act. Generally if you are sued, you will have 2 weeks to respond. If you fail to respond, then your corporation may be noted in default. This means that not only do you lose the lawsuit, you may have costs awarded against you. The most common example of this situation is a corporation who has the owners home as the registered office. If that owner leaves town (or does not go through their mail) for two weeks, they run the risk of losing before they are even actually aware of the lawsuit.

Other examples are notice that involve injunctions or other notice of motions. In these situations the notice period allowed by the courts may be only a day or two. Once again, the consequence of not acting, even if you were not aware of the notice of motion, could be destructive to the corporation. At best, the situation may just be very expensive to argue to the court to set aside the original judgment and re-hear the matter.

Who Requires An Attorney for Service?

There are certain situations where an attorney for service is required. There are other situations where it makes practical or good business sense. Examples of who should hire an attorney for service include:

  • Companies that extra-provincial register in Alberta;
  • Foreign companies with Alberta based subsidiaries;
  • Corporations that do not have a physical address in Alberta;
  • Business owners who travel;
  • Business owners who are not consistent with dealing with mail; and lastly
  • Corporation that are home based.

What Our Attorneys Do In Case of Service on the Corporation

In the event that our attorneys for service receive service of documents as against your corporation we take several steps. For example, the steps we take include some or more of the following:

The Attorney Contacts You On Receiving Service

On receiving service, or on accepting service with any notice we immediately contact you to bring the matter to your attention and seek instructions. We require instructions to take next steps. There is no additional charge for this service.

If You Are Not Available:

If you are not reachable, we will request an adjournment. This means that if a lawyer served the notice, we will contact them and ask them to take n action until we can reach you. In the majority of situations a lawyer will grant this extension as a professional courtesy to another lawyer. If the person suing is not a lawyer and they refuse to delay service, we ask the court for an adjournment. We do this any time there is a specific action required on a specific date.

Advise You Of The Corporation’s Options

Once you we contact you with the details, your options include retaining our firm. Our retainer options include a full package defense or limited scope in terms of dealing with the situation. In addition, clients retain the ability to continue with our firm for service but select another firm for the litigation.  In either situation litigation lawyers retainers include any number of options. For example, a retainers often include any or all of the following:

  • A single consultation meeting to learn your rights, responsibilities, options, chances of success, etc.;
  • Draft a response to the demand that your received via service on the attorney for service;
  • Negotiate a resolution to the matter;
  • Start a legal response to the matter raised in the claim against the company;
  • Give you directions on how to deal with the matter on your own; and lastly
  • Attend court and deal with the matter from start to finish.

Finding An Attorney For Service Law Firm In Calgary

Our attorney for service lawyers are available for your corporation. Experience, professionalism and low annual costs make Kahane Law Office an exceptional choice. Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. CONNECT NOW. Please feel free to connect with us toll-free at 1-877-225-8817 (or 403-225-8810 locally in Calgary, Alberta), or email us directly here.