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  • Get answers to your questions
  • Understand the law and how it applies to you
  • Come away with a clear idea of what needs to happen next

Choose What Level Of Service You Need



  • Advance review of your matter
  • Up to 45 minutes with your lawyer



Everything from the Bronze package, PLUS

  • Up to 60 minutes (total) with your lawyer
  • Written summary of your advice



Everything from the Silver package, PLUS

  • Up to 90 minutes (total) with your lawyer
  • $300 credit toward fees for ongoing matters


What Do You Get With Your Initial Consultation?

When you book with Kahane Law you choose what level of service that will best meet your needs. You keep control of your costs!

Regardless of which level you choose, you will be asked to provide all of the relevant information and documents for the lawyer to review before the meeting. This is important so that you to get the most value out of the meeting.

For Bronze, Silver, and Gold, the actual meeting time will be spent with the lawyer gathering additional information from you as required and, most importantly, answering your questions, explaining the law (in plain language), and giving you options to move forward.

Bronze – $400

The lawyer will review your materials in advance. This allows you to get maximum value out of the 45 minutes you get with the lawyer. During those 45 minutes you will learn about what the law is and how it applies to your specific situation. You will come away from the meeting with a better understanding of your options and what to do next.

Silver – $600

You get everything from the Bronze level, plus an additional 15 minutes with the lawyer, AND a written copy of the advice from your meeting, emailed to you after the meeting.

Gold – $1,000

You get everything from the Silver level, plus an additional 3o minutes with the lawyer, AND a $300 credit toward ongoing legal services.

IMPORTANT: The pricing for some matters include the fees for the initial meeting. This includes the following:

  • Estate Planning (Wills etc.);
  • Real estate transactions, including refinancing;
  • Incorporation; and
  • Annual corporate maintenance.

What Happens After I Book an Appointment?

You will receive a booking confirmation email, as well as an email from our office with an overview of what to expect, and how to prepare for the meeting.

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What Happens After The Initial Meeting?

Before you decide to hire a lawyer at Kahane Law you have the opportunity to review your lawyer’s plan in detail, including the fees. Your lawyer reviews the issues and options discussed in your initial consultation, crafts a plan that is tailored to your particular situation, and then sends it to you in writing. This ensures that you know exactly what your lawyer is working on for you, and the plan for the next steps.

Book your initial consultation with a lawyer at Kahane Law Office now.

How Do We Bill Our Clients?

At Kahane Law Office’ Edmonton location, we do not bill by the hour – except in very rare and/or urgent circumstances.

Instead, we use subscription billing for most family law services, and “set-fee billing” for almost all other services we offer. Click here to learn about our Family Law Subscription Plan.

For set-fee billing, after your initial consultation, your lawyer will prepare a Scope of Work that details the plan for moving your matter forward, along with the associated fees. Before you pay any of your retainer you will have the opportunity to review the plan and fees, and decide if you want to proceed. The Scope of Work details EXACTLY what you are paying for, and the fees reflect the VALUE of the services you are receiving – not how long it takes for the lawyer to provide those services. This encourages efficiency. No surprises on your bill. No charges for phone calls, emails, paperclips, or photocopies.

This may seem like the obvious model for buying legal services, but most Edmonton Law Firms still use the billable hour for most services.

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How Do We Communicate With Our Clients?

We are obsessed with customer service. Because of this, we developed our system for making sure you always know what is going on with your matter. You will receive updates as your lawyer completes the tasks listed in your plan, which allows you to follow along with the progress of your matter. You always know what is supposed to be happening next. Also, we have safe-guards in place that make sure no 30 day period ever lapses without your lawyer reviewing your file to make sure it is progressing as planned and that you are updated if it is not.

Further, if for any reason you would like an update about your matter, you are free to email or call without the fear of being billed for it (we don’t bill for things like that – unless responding to you becomes a hindrance to carrying out your plan). You will receive a response within 1 business day.

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