Hire Foreign Workers: How To Bring Workers / Employees to Canada

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Want to hire a foreign worker?

Bringing workers and employees to Canada can be an excellent way to address your company’s talent and staffing needs. Our immigration lawyers in Calgary make it easier. In our ever-more-global economy, accessing workers and talent from outside of Canada can be an effective way to remain current while growing your local teams. This is true if your needs are short-term, such as when seeking to bring in business visitors; specialists or professionals required to fulfill a project role. It is also true for longer-term strategies, such as sourcing a new CEO or executive team member, or in situations where your business has faced a historical skill/knowledge shortage, remote location issue, or otherwise had difficulty fulfilling certain roles. Kahane Law can assist by reviewing and evaluating the appropriate options available to your business.

Bringing Professional Workers To Canada From Abroad

In today’s competitive marketplace, hiring the best employees and workers is necessary. Today, finding experts in specific industries is

difficult. Looking outside of Canada’s boarders to assist with finding workers and employees can be an effective way to source skill sets that are not available in Canada. If you are not able to find someone in Canada to perform a specific job, you may look at bringing workers and employees to Canada to fill that position.

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Types Of Foreign Employees Hired As Foreign Workers

Canadian employers may consider bringing workers and employees to Canada to fill a variety of positions. These include programs for seasonal agricultural workers, low wage positions and hiring skilled workers.

Seasonal Agricultural Programs

Bringing workers and employees to Canada to fill agricultural programs has been ongoing for many years. These programs are designed to help farmers, wineries, ranchers and apiarists (bee keepers) get the help they need for harvesting their respective crops. Read this for information on how to bring a foreign worker in on a temporary basis.

Low Wage Foreign Workers

Finding people to work lower wage jobs has been a long-standing issue in Canada. Sometimes these positions are those that many Canadians “do not want to do”. Other times, the economy is so vibrant that there is just not enough Canadian workforce to fill those positions. When bringing workers and employees to Canada for these positions, you cannot take away a position from a Canadian and you must offer the position to foreign workers at competitive Canadian rates.

Skilled Worker Programs In Canada

There are a variety of business immigration programs available to Canadian employers looking to fill professional positions, including programs directed at:

  • Engineers
  • CEOs
  • Managers
  • Executive team members
  • Professionals; and
  • Management Consultants

Foreign Worker & Employee Requirements In Canada

Depending on the roll, employment situation and current workforce realities in Canada, requirements for bringing

workers and employees to Canada will vary. Some of the factors include, but are not limited to if you are looking for foreign workers to fill:

  • Full time employment roles
  • Part time employment roles
  • Seasonal employment roles
  • Highly skilled workers
  • Low wage employees

Our immigration law team based in Calgary, Alberta can help with bringing workers and employees to Canada. We can help all across Canada. The specific requirements will change with the industry, economic situation in Canada and agreements, as they change, with various foreign counties. Our immigration lawyers will help you:

  • Determine which program is best suited for your specific needs
  • Asses the likelihood for success in bringing workers and employees to Canada
  • Complete all required paperwork that the Canadian government needs
  • Understand each step of the process from recruitment to your foreign workers arrival in Canada.

Need Help Bringing Workers And Employees To Canada

With an increasing focus on immigration compliance, and with the misuse of foreign workers making national headlines, we can provide critical insights to assist your company in accessing the Canadian immigration programs available, while ensuring your business remains on-side with the rules governing each program. Reach out today to find out how we can help your business to source foreign talent and meet your long and short-term business objectives!

The immigration lawyers at Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta will help with all aspects of bringing workers and employees to Canada. Call our free Canadian immigration lawyer line or email us. The fastest way to reach us is by sending an email. Prefer a phone call, call us at 1-877-225-8817 today or you can call directly at 403-225-8810.